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Juiced Bikes Ripcurrent S

Our RipCurrent S is the ultimate electric fat bike.

Powered by a 750 Watt motor, it is capable of top speed performance with torque-sensing pedal assist.

Learn more about the RipCurrent S here!, About Juiced Blog Videos E- Bikes 101 Top Speed Performance All About Batteries – 52V vs.

48V Battery Packs.

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RipCurrent S.

The RipCurrent S is being sold in three frame sizes and three colorways, so it# s a bit of a jump making an online purchase without touching and riding first, but the official website is full of videos and deep stats# just like EBR 😀 The founder of Juiced Bikes , Tora Harris, flies back and forth to Asia, working directly with manufacturers.

17/12/2018 Juiced has recently added a fat bike to their lineup, called the RipCurrent S , and we were quick to jump on it to see how good a fat bike could roll.


We like the look of fat bikes , and sometimes the ride quality is pretty good.

The RipCurrent seems to take this up a notch.

26/03/2020 And also I do lots of product reviews so this is my domain Stay tuned to learn everything I know about Juiced Bikes and my RipCurrent S and THE MOST EXCITING BIKE – HyperScrambler.

Juiced Bikes was founded by Tora Harris in 2009.

Tora Harris is an ex Olympian who won 2 USA National Outdoor Championship Titles and also competed in the 2004.

Fat-tire bikes with powerful electric assist are a match made in heaven.

Juiced Bikes says it’ s pulled out all the stops to make its upcoming RipCurrent S “the ultimate fat tire commuter e- bike.

RipCurrent S (52V/28mph) CrossCurrent S2 (52V/28mph) CrossCurrent X (52V/28mph).

About Juiced Blog Videos E- Bikes 101.


Contact us at:1-888-303-8889.

E- Bikes expand.

SCORPION (52V/28mph) HYPERSCORPION (52V/30mph), The RipCurrent S is the first production fat bike to fully take advantage of the new 52V standard.

Extended Range 13 Ah Our base level 52V battery configuration #, Setting up your new RipCurrent S.

this video we go through a detailed overview of the installation and removal process for battery packs utilized on most Juiced Bikes models including CrossCurrent S , CrossCurrent AIR, CrossCurrent, OceanCurrent, OceanCurrent AIR, and Hyperfat.

We go into detail around all the connecting pieces and the.

We just purchased two RipCurrent S ‘ s to# We just purchased two RipCurrent S ‘ s to add to our two CrossCurrent’ s.

These bikes have changed our lives.

We are out getting exercise and loving every minute of it.

Well built, great pricing and fantastic customer service, I wish everything i bought came close to giving us the satisfaction Juiced.

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