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Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent X Review

27/08/2019 The Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X is available in three sizes with three color options, including matte black, red gloss, and brushed aluminum.

For the past month, I’ve been testing a #, 01/11/2019 The CrossCurrent X is available to purchase from Juiced Bikes for $2,499.

For the $1,7999, the CrossCurrent S2 offers most of the same features but with a #, 26/03/2020 Quick Summary: Juiced Bikes is an electric bike manufacturer with direct to consumer sales approach (kind of like Tesla).

Their e- bikes gained popularity for their good blend of power and price and fun to ride factor thanks to founder Tora Harris who is an Ex-Olympian.

In this Juiced Bikes review I will talk about my experience with Juiced Bikes as a company and 2 e- bikes that I #, 04/11/2019 No vehicle has convinced them more than the Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X.

The Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X is a stand-out commuter bike that won#t break the bank.

It can do 28+ mph adjustable top speed, a range of 70 miles, durable tires, smooth pedal-assist and throttle operation, a rack, front suspension, disc brakes, and an integrated headlight.

26/02/2019 The large-frame red Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent X (CCX) commuter electric bicycle arrived yesterday, well packed in its sturdy cardboard box with ample foam packing.

Unboxing revealed no damage.

The bike was fully assembled, except for pedals, front wheel, front fender, and bell.

Bike Review : Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X I#m now a few hundred miles into my new electric bicycle, a CrossCurrent X made by a company called Juiced Bikes.

The CrossCurrent X is a rather fancy e- bike with a lot to offer.

Let me first say a few words about how I came to decide on the CrossCurrent X , and then I will review the bike itself.

juiced bikes crosscurrent x review