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Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent S2

Pre-order bikes available in Early August.

NEW! The upgraded CrossCurrent S2 electric commuter bike now includes the super-charged, industry leading 52-volt to fuel a faster, farther, more powerful and more efficient ride! With 28MPH speeds and an insane real-world battery range of 50-75 miles, the base model CrossCurrent S2 is anything but basic.

02/07/2019 Juiced Bike #s new 52 V CrossCurrent S2.

The new CrossCurrent S2 with the upgraded 52 V battery is priced at $1,799.

While it can reach a standard top #, Juiced Bikes has beefed up its flagship commuter e- bike with a 52-volt, 13-Ah battery and a torque- and cadence-sensing 750-watt Bafang hub drive motor to offer a fast, fun bike with a 50-to-100.

27/08/2019 One month ago, the folks at Juiced Bikes sent a CrossCurrent X commuter electric bike for me to test out — since the new CrossCurrent S2 is selling well and not available for testing.


01/10/2019 Juiced Bikes announced an update to the best-selling CrossCurrent S2 , with a new 52-volt battery.

Said to offer #a faster, farther, and more efficient ride#, the S2 reaches 28mph class-3 speeds, using a 750 watt motor that can carry you up to 100 miles# and #, 28/07/2019 Upgrading the CrossCurrent S2 with a larger battery, Juiced Bikes is now the only major manufacturer in the electric bike market to offer a 52-volt battery on their entire portfolio of e- bikes.

The vast majority of electric bikes offered in both the U.


and global market include a #, SAN DIEGO, 2 July 2019 # Juiced Bikes is excited to announce the release of their new CrossCurrent S2 electric bike.

One of the most popular e- bikes in the U.


market, the CrossCurrent model has been a staple of the company#s product portfolio since 2015.

By offering a 52-volt battery in the new S2 edition, the best-selling model now delivers more speed, more power, more range, and more.


Contact us at:1-888-303-8889 E- Bikes expand, Compatible with: All CrossCurrent series.


Contact us at:1-888-303-8889, Juiced Bikes is a San Diego based electric bike company that specializes in producing the highest performing electric bikes on the market.

You won’t find a high performance e- bike at a better price!.

CrossCurrent S2 (52V/28mph) CrossCurrent X (52V/28mph) – Compare All E- bikes CLEARANCE Accessories expand.



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