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Jojo Stands Namesakes

If the Stand name references a song, the song is added.

If the Stand name references an artist, their #1 ranked song on Spotify is added OR the song title that most closely fits the Stand itself.

(Please suggest changes!) If the Stand name references an album, the eponymous song of the album is added.

If no such song exists I just choose a.

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Watch later, Josuke Higashikata’s stand : Crazy Diamond.

All Star Battle’s English release changes it to “Shining Diamond” which retains the reference, though on a more subtle level.

He also physically resembles Elvis, what with his hair and all (although the pompadour is a common style for Japanese Delinquents).

; When Crazy Diamond retreats, the sound resembles the sound of a door closing in Doom.

Jojo Stand Ideas.


Howdy all.

I plan to do something with my friends, and it requires a lot of Stand ideas.

I’m amazing, but I can’t think of the dozens that I may need.

So, without further ado, I would love to hear the various stand ideas that I know at least some of you have.

If possible, please provide two kinds of Stands ; one that.

Namesake: Ride of the Valkyries W (Richard Wagner song) Valkyrie (, Varukir) is a 4-year-old stock horse with Australian roots and the horse that Gyro Zeppeli rides in the Steel Ball Run race.

Gyro specifically chose the horse for its stamina and durability.

As noted by Diego Brando, Valkyrie has a quirk where it sways suddenly to its left for every eight breaths it takes.

Which Stands / Characters do you think are most / least suited to their namesakes ?


I was listening to a few different JoJo Youtube playlists and had this thought.

Which stands or characters do you think most fit their namesake bands / songs in terms of theming, tone, lyrics, etc.


09/05/2020 Mista#s Stand , Six Bullets, is a Colony Stand type made up of six bullet-like creatures (numbered 1 to 7, skipping 4) that can help guide and control the bullets shot out of Mista#s gun via rebounding shots mid-air, as well as reloading the gun for Misa.

jojo stands namesakes