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Jiffies Slippers In A Bag

Flipsters Coco Flats aren#t just ballet flats.

They are the new standard in style, comfort and convenience.

Women everywhere are making Flipsters an active part of their ensemble, because these flats not only look fantastic, they also have some great benefits.

, Flipsters are a range of stylish foldable shoes and accessories.

Available in a variety of styles from flip flops to loafers, our folding shoes are an essential take anywhere accessory to help out when your feet are in need of some comfort.

, Flipsters – Fold Up Shoes and Stylish Flip Flops for Total Comfort.

Meet Flipsters, the world#s most stylish and convenient foldable shoes.

No longer must women #, Comfortable, foldable ballet flats designed specifically for party emergencies when you just can’t stand to wear heels any more! Designed for short term wear only.

They are packaged in a compact resealable pouch and feature an elastic trim and stretchable upper for good fit.

Other features include a padded full length insole for superior comfort as well as a slip resistant sole.

, One-of-a-kind tassel slippers by Flipsters will have you wondering which element was the main focus in production#style or comfort.

As much as we#d love to keep you guessing, we#ll end the suspense right here and give you the answer: both#because you shouldn#t have to sacrifice either factor when it comes to what you put on your feet, whether you#re slipping something on to run.

, Everyone deserves Happy Heels! Check out our selection of stiletto tips bringing you ultimate comfort in your highest heels.

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