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Jboots Quest

It is advised to get the Quest items prior to looking for Hasten in Rathe as he will despawn after a certain amount of time and getting him to spawn in the first place can take hours with bad luck.

` The Shadowed Rapier is a TEMPORARY item that drops from “a shadowed man,” found in several zones.

Since it’s TEMPORARY, it’s best to get this last.


Hasten Bootstrutter is a gnome that wanders Rathe Mountains.

(For a map, see the NPC page.

) He wants three items: Ring of the Ancients from Ancient Cyclops; Shadowed Rapier; 3250 Gold Pieces (must be Gold) Note: It is difficult to catch him with that much weight unless you have high strength or Spirit of Wolf.

So you may have to wait along his route and target him with Hail.

AKA ” JBoots “.

Formerly dropped from Drelzna in Najena before the Journeyman’s Boots Quest was implemented on October 13, 1999.

See: Green_Server#Anticipated_Patch_Release_Schedule It can be clicked from a bag slot and has an instant cool down and cast timer.

Just like SoW it #, 19/05/2020 Jboots Quest ! by Kezzan | May 19, 2020.

This quest is much easier than it used to be due to the changes to the cyclops spawn.

Let us rejoice! Journeyman#s Boots Guide.

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29/05/2020 What does this information mean?

Notes These are NOT the same as Legendary Journeyman’s Boots from the Heritage Quest The Journey is Half the Fun.

These are/were L1 Jboots available to Claim after “consuming” a special registration code contained in the “Starter Pack” for Everquest2 when you preordered.

(The pack also contained an early version of the character creator #, Got the jboots today for my 38 cleric, can’t say I soloed them but almost.

I think the hardest part was spawnen Bootstrutter.

After he did show up off to the OOT I went.

Spent a couple hours killen ph on island some white some yellow and even some red, Have a #, The Heritage Quest The Journey is Half the Fun has 4 possible rewards: Legendary Journeyman’s Boots (cloth) Legendary Journeyman’s Boots (leather) Legendary Journeyman’s Boots (chain) Legendary Journeyman’s Boots (plate) As with all HQ rewards, a house version is available too The Legendary Journeyman’s Boots This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title.

If an.

Multiquest (MQ) is a method to transfer the rewards of a quest from one character (possessing part of its requirements, and all of its faction requirements) to another character (possessing the same faction requirements and all other requirements the first character didn’t have).

This method is useful when some or all requirements are NO DROP, and so would normally prevent transfer between.

Quest completed while under charm from ench.


Spawn location is at coordinates -15, -2085 (just south of first crossing coming from the Feerrott).

All mobs on the cycle share the same pathing, north towards the crossing, then west towards main corridor, then south towards hill giant area and back east towards spawn (tbc.


The frequently hunted Ancient Cyclops appears in four different zones, although his incarnations in the Karana plains are far rarer.

All versions drop thejboots quest