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, 1 Introduction.

Computing fluxes of radiatively active gases, such as CO 2 and CH 4, from the large regions with flooded forests in the tropics and elsewhere requires a mechanistic understanding of the drivers of gas transfer velocities within the forests.

Turbulence associated with wind is known to drive exchange of gases across the air#water interface at exposed locations even with light.

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A successful high-density orchard should start cropping early and give an annual production of high yields of high-quality fruit in an economically justified way.


, S.


Wertheim’s 9 research works with 335 citations and 577 reads, including: Orchard systems for apple and pear: Conditions for success, Fillingham, J.


; Bootsma , H.



Parameterization of air-sea gas transfer velocity was routinely made with wind speed.

Near surface turbulent dissipation rate has been shown to have better correlation with the gas transfer velocity in a variety of aquatic environments (i.


, the small eddy model) while wind speed is low to moderate.

, Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death among women from gynecological malignancies inthe United States.

Resistance to the chemotherapeutic agent cisplatin isa major limitation for the successful treatment of ovarian cancer.

In an effort to overcome the cisplatin resistance problem in ovarian cancer treatment, we have sought to enhance cisplatin cytotoxicity by perturbing the nucleotide.

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Bootsma (stationed at the experimental orchard at Kraggenburg) A.

Scholtens (stationed at the experimental orchard at Geldermalsen) DEPARTMENT FOR POMOLOGY AND ECONOMICS TOP FRUIT VIRUS RESEARCH AND CLONAL SELECTION #, 20/07/2016 A field study of methane emissions from wetlands reveals that more of the gas escapes through diffusive processes than was thought, mostly at night.

Because methane is a

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