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Itbikes Water Bikes

WE#RE SOLD OUT FOR THE SEASON! Thank you very much to all our valued customers.

See you next year!, 24/10/2014 In this video, we will look at launching your itBikes water bike.

Whether on a dock or in shallow water , simply place the water bike frame into the hull.

Slip in the keel lock and fasten it.

The water bike market is extremely unsaturated since not a lot of companies are producing water bikes.

The ones who are price their water bikes to cost at least $1000, which not a lot of people have lying around.

ItBikes Water Bike.

One of the cheapest water bikes available is itBikes , which makes it the perfect starter water bike.

The itBikes waterbike is attractive to both pedal boaters and cyclists alike.

Our water cycles require little to no maintenance, and they#re very affordable.

The water bike frame only weighs 35 pounds, and the hull 57 pounds.

You can put our water bikes together in less than 15 minutes making them super easy to assemble, store & transport.

Stay active, fit and have fun on the lake this year on our itBikes water bikes.

Our water bikes are sturdy enough to stand on.

Just step on the hull, sit on the seat, and cycle away! Our waterbikes are very affordable, low maintainance, compact, lightweight, and easy to carry.

Our hydrobike water cycles travel twice the speed of a pedal boat.

03/04/2016 Discover the pleasure of fishing with a water bike.

Our itBikes waterbikes are quiet and very easy to navigate.

The wide hull is the perfect platform to fish from.

Trout Fishing with a water bike on the lake.

The single water bike holds up to 260 pounds easily.

You can sit or stand and cast your line.


00 USD, ON SALE $2199.

00 USD plus shipping.

Ready to ship! Call for Senior & Volume Discounts.

Shipped direct from the US Manufacturer to US and Canadian destinations.

With questions or to order, contact John at 1-888-403-9012, or email [email protected]


For fun, fitness, and the environment.

Join the new wave in cycling with Hydrobike water bikes !, The water bike can also be easily transported on top of your car.

Can itBike be used in waves?


We have tested the water bikes in 3-foot waves and they performed exceptionally well.

However, it is not designed to ride the surf.

We recommend riding the water bike in anything lower than than 2 foot waves.

Do not ride waves onto the shore.

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the itBikes water bikes are great! We are promoting these hard as an outdoor option for exercise.

” #Robyn Bowman, City of Kearney Parks & Recreation – 2014 “Check out our new toys! These two state of the art 1 person water bikes just arrived this morning and already they’re in great demand!”

itbikes water bikes