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Is Watches Com Authentic

Don#t expect to get your watch.

I#ve been waiting half a month for my watch and it still hasn#t arrived it#s somewhere in Chicago and it#s been there for seven days floating around so I#m pretty sure I#m not gonna get this watch it doesn#t seem like they care or willing to help out in this situation their estimated time of delivery was way off so don#t expect your order to be.

26/06/2016 More on watches.

com shortly, but the main thing people need to know is that what was watchismo.

com is now watches.


The #Watchismo# name # which was created by Mitch Greenblatt in the 1990s # is being temporarily retired, to be saved for a later time.

All watches sold are 100% authentic and come direct from the manufacturer.

All watches are brand new, unworn and come in the original manufacturer packaging.

Our watches come with full manufacturer warranties that are honored internationally.

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replica Rolex watches at the wholesale price.

To be more exact, for buying a Japanese replica you need to take out of your wallet about $100-$150 and for a Swiss one about $120-$250.

Still, these prices are pretty low considering the price tag of the authentic timepieces.

I have to hand it to this company.

It really has good quality product pictures.


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While all our watches are 100% authentic and brand new and come with boxes, paperwork, and serial numbers intact, as we are not authorized dealers for most of the brands that we carry, and not bound by any pricing contracts that authorized dealers are bonded by.

is watches com authentic