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Is Chairship A Word

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chairship definition: Noun (countable and uncountable, plural chairships) 1.

chairpersonshipOrigin chair +# -ship.

chairship : chairpersonship When she died at the age of 61, she left her collection of Egyptian artifacts to and endowed a chairship at University College, London, because it was the “only university in Britain offering degrees for women at that time.


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See also: words rhyming with chairship , words from word ” chairship #, The Ministers welcomed South Africa#s Chairship and looked forward to the 10th BRICS Summit to be held under the theme, “BRICS in Africa: Collaboration for Inclusive Growth and Shared Prosperity in the 4th Industrial Revolution# and committed themselves to work together for a fruitful Johannesburg Summit.

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English [] Etymology [].

chair +# -ship.

Noun [].

chairship (countable and uncountable, plural chairships).

chairpersonship, Chairmanship definition, the office or rank of chairman.

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Chairpersonship definition, a person who presides over a meeting, committee, board, etc.

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chairmanship (chr#mn-shp#) n.

The office or term of a chairman.

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chairmanship – the position of chairman berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot – a job in an organization; “he occupied a post in the treasury” Translations .

is chairship a word