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Casualty logo Casualty is a British medical drama television series that has been broadcast on BBC One in the United Kingdom since 6 September 1986.

The series was created by Jeremy Brock and Paul Unwin and focuses on the fictional lives, both professional and personal, of the medical and ancillary staff at the Accident and Emergency Department of the fictional Holby City Hospital , based in.

07/05/2012 (Series 14, Ep.

29) Irish Dr Greg, eh?

He#s been in Holby for over two years, and unfortunately for a large chunk of that time he#s been forced to run up and down corridors moaning, #Sahira! Sahira!# What a waste.

It all started out so promisingly, as well.

19/01/2011 Irish Dr Greg was caught almost in flagrante with Irish Ginger Nurse Marie-Claire, by Lovely Bumbling Elliott Hope.

As a punishment, Elliot assigned Dr Greg to work with a particularly tricky patient.

He was a blogger, and you know how difficult they can be.

Starkie boasted to his Italian sponsors of being informed by an Irish government official that his articles had #changed the opinion of the Irish people#.

In return, he received cash payments and probably also a new Ford car (Archivio Centrale dello Stato, Rome, Ministry of Popular Culture, Dir.


propaganda, folder 33.

1, b.


Remembering the Irish Revolution chronicles the ways in which the Irish revolution was remembered in the first two decades of Irish independence.

While tales of heroism and martyrdom dominated popular accounts of the revolution, a handful of nationalists reflected on the period in more ambivalent terms.

For them, the freedoms won in revolution.

30/03/2008 Having recently had a leg injury while in France and experienced the fast and efficient Casualty service that exists there.

( I was seen, X rayed and treated within 1 hour.


One thing that would go a long way to improving matters is to increase the number of Irish Dr ‘s graduating in Ireland.

It is widely known that Dr ‘s here are over worked.

Stateless children and parents who are legal ‘strangers’: the Irish families left in limbo It has been 15 years since the State was told to legally protect the rights of families using #non.

11/03/2020 Nine new cases have also been identified in the Republic of Ireland, bringing the total to 43.

The nine new cases include eight males and one female.

31/05/2020 The deputy chief medical officer for England Dr Jenny Harries has echoed remarks made by her fellow health.

for Saracens and London Irish Image.

had a dramatic impact on casualty

irish dr casualty