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Iproute2 Rt Tables D

09/04/2018 iproute2 is modified to look into config.



confDir instead of /etc/ iproute2.

teto added a commit to teto/nixpkgs that referenced this issue May 15, 2018 iproute2 : module to create rt_table file & co #, The file /etc/ iproute2 /rt_tables need not exist, as the iproute2 tools have a hard-coded entry for the local table.

The main routing table is the table operated upon by route and, when not otherwise specified, by ip route.

The file /etc/ iproute2 /rt_tables need not exist, as.

, I am trying to set up my RP3 in such a way that WiFi connections are routed over an L2TP VPN.

I’ve got the VPN working and with the following settings all traffic is routed over the VPN connection (ppp0 is the VPN tunnel device):, Using iproute2 for VRFs iproute2 supports the vrf keyword as of v4.


For backwards compatibility this section lists both commands where appropriate # with the vrf keyword and the older form without it.

Create a VRF.

To instantiate a VRF device and associate it with a table:, nano /etc/ iproute2 /rt_tables Add (names are your references): 1 tunnel0 2 tunnel1 add routes and rules, we use tables IDs instead of names which are more immediate.

As you can notice, the gateway is irrelevant, especially for tunnels which can have dynamic gateways: ip route add 0.



0/0 dev tun0 table 1 ip route add 0.



0/0 dev tun1 table 2, 05/06/2020 We are using 2 bond interfaces for storage (2x10Gb) and a trunk for the VMs (2x10Gb).

We want to split the trunk for the VM in VLAN bridges so we can assign them to our VMs.

auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eno1 iface eno1 inet static address #kintilo#.



#kintilo#/XX gateway.

, cumulusnetworks.

com Feature by Kernel Version IPv4 support – v4.

3 IPv6 support – v4.

4 #VRF-global# sockets – v4.

5 Need iproute2 version that correlates to kernel version, Stack Exchange Network.

Stack Exchange network consists of 177 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

Visit Stack Exchange, /bin/ip /bin/ss /etc/ iproute2 /bpf_pinning /etc/ iproute2 /ematch_map /etc/ iproute2 /group /etc/ iproute2 /nl_protos /etc/ iproute2 /rt_dsfield /etc/ iproute2 /rt_protos /etc.

, echo “201 wgswitch” >> / etc / iproute2 / rt_tables.

d / wg_switch.

conf Then modify wg0.


[Interface] Address = 192.



100/24 PrivateKey = KEY ListenPort = 51820 Table = 201

iproute2 rt tables d