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Inzer Belt 13mm

The 13mm thick Lever Powerlifting Belt # is so quick and easy to use.

Tighten your weight lifting belt with a push of the patented Lever for the most lifting support possible.

Easy to tighten with the push of the Lever.

Inzer Lever Belts can be tightened or loosened in #, The most robust and best powerlifting belt in the world with unmatched buckle strength.

Available in one or two prong zinc plated steel, seamless roller buckle.

All Inzer Forever Powerlifting Belts # are one solid thickness of the finest, select, exclusive leather.

Inzer Forever Lifting Belts are guaranteed forever!, Inzer Forever Powerlifting Belts , Guaranteed FOREVER, Super Performance Power Belts , custom made Inzer weightlifting belts , Inzer Bodybuilding Belts , Inzer Belts are Guaranteed Forever to be the best belts in the world.

Forever Lever Belt # 13MM.

Forever Lever Belt # 10MM.

Forever Lever Belt # 10MM.

Forever Buckle Belt # 13MM.


30/04/2020 Inzer and Rogue are two popular belt makers for 10mm and 13mm lifting belts The two belt manufacturers that I would recommend for powerlifting are Inzer and Rogue.

Both Inzer and Rogue have 10mm and 13mm belt options and are the go-to choice for many powerlifters.

20/02/2018 The Inzer belts are priced at $89.

95 for the 10mm and $97.

00 for the 13mm , which are very competitive prices.

Pioneer, for example, charges between $94.

95 and $99.

95 for the 10mm belt and between $119.

95 and $124.

95 for the 13mm belt.

The Pioneer belts can get well over $200 depending on your customization options.

This is the last support belt you will ever need to buy.

Simple to tighten and lock in place with the push of the patented lever, the 13mm Inzer Forever Belt is easily released in #, Inzer Lever Powerlifting Belt 13Mm Thick Size Medium Black Authentic Made In Usa.

The powerlifting belt is an authentic inzer forever lever belt size medium fits waist size 28″38″ The belt is in like new condition I’ve only worn it for 4 times to squat so the belt has not even been broken in yet.

It is the best belt #, Inzer Forever Buckle Belt , 13mm Double Prong, Size Small, Red.


50 +$21.

10 shipping.

Make Offer – Inzer Forever Buckle Belt , 13mm Double Prong, Size Small, Red.



00 +$20.

00 shipping.


i am very satisfied with this SBD belt , im glad i invested in this belt instead, i was using a lever belt but another brand thats 13mm , but it was digging into my ribs, and hips, this belt is very comfortable right out of the box, its a bit stiff since its new, but i used it today and when im half way thru my workout, the belt started to feel like its softening up a bit.

highly recommend SBD.

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Inzer powerlifting belts are Guaranteed Forever!

inzer belt 13mm