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Intercity Bike Df

At intercitybike the DF is available for test rides.

The DF is a sporty velomobile that fits for people till about 180-185 cm body length, for people till 200 cm we have the XL version.

Set a date for your test ride, opening hours: mon 9:00 – 17:00 tue 9:00 – 17:00 wed 9:00 – 12:30 thu by appointment fri by appointment sat 9:00 – 17:00, Bij Intercitybike kun je terecht voor proefritten, aankoop en service van de DF velomobiel.

De DF is er in twee maten, de DF voor mensen tot ca.

180-185 cm lichaamslengte en de XL versie voor mensen tot 200 cm.

Maak een afspraak voor een vrijblijvende proefrit.

De openingstijden zijn: ma 9:00 – 17:00 di 9:00 – 17:00 wo 9:00 – 12:30 do op.

Intercity bike DF.

Shipping weight (crated) 108kg in a wood palet, triple layered cardboard container supplied by the factory.

Case is 270*75*106 cm, KVK 60441569 BTW NL116652743B01 IBAN NL12 INGB 0006 4560 27 BIC INGBNL2A Paypal [email protected]

nl, 29/12/2018 InterCityBike DF.

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Named for its designer, Daniel Fenn, the DF is light, rigid, and fast.

The DF.

s carbon fiber monocoque body wraps snugly around the rider.

This makes means less room for luggage.

but it allows a sharper cut through the air.

Optional wheel skirts and tail.

Intercity Bike : Model: DF : Year: 2017: Description: Vends velomobile DF de 2017 5200 kilomtres Couleur carbone vernis avec trappe supplmentaire ajoure pour l’t Trs bon tat carrosserie (ni rayures ni pets) Donne avec deux pneus durano oranges Contactez moi plutt par tlphone : Price: 6500: Currency: Euro: Country: France: City.

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InterCityBike, one of Europe#s premier velomobile dealers, manufactures DF Velomobiles.

Named for its designer, Daniel Fenn, the DF is a full carbon velomobile designed to be light, rigid, and fast.

The DF #s streamlined monocoque body #, Intercity bike DF /DFxL.

Early DFs have a 12V NiCd battery pack with Tamiya connector.

The diagram is similar but not quite the same as this one.

Currently Lupine batteries are used, 7.

4V and have their own type waterproof connecter.

In the conversion to the Lupine cells, the main switch and fuse were removed.

It might seem that the only activity of Intercity Bike till now has been taking orders but nothing is less true.

The first 7 DF ‘s have now been delivered and there is a 2nd mould has been made which makes it possible to make 2 DF ‘s per week.

Intercity Bike : Modle: Df And Df Xl: Anne: 2019: Description: I sell a pair of quasi new pantsfor the DF / DF XL velomobile.

This results in a significantly improved aerodynamics of the velomobile and less wind susceptibility Material: Carbon selling price: 500# Shipping is possible Ich verkaufe ein Paar quasi neue Hosen frs DF / DF XL.

intercity bike df