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11/03/2014 The importance of addressing mold and moisture problems among other tricky conditions is crucial in avoiding costly mistakes.

We#ve gathered a few answers to some commonly asked questions that will hopefully help you make the right decisions during the insulation process.

InSoFast is a Class III vapor barrier that allows drying to the.

Over-insulation can also lead to mold problems.

Since insulation decreases the flow of energy, it decreases the energy needed for moisture to evaporate.

An excellent, cost-effective way to insulate your basement interior is with closed-cell, injection-molded EPS foam panels from InSoFast ! Feature-Rich InSoFast Panels, InSoFast continuous insulation panels can be applied universally to any type of interior or exterior wall assembly in both new and retrofit construction projects.

Whether you are a construction professional or a homeowner, if you have a wall, InSoFast panels can be attached to it!, InSoFast has provided superior quality products and services since 2006.

Learn more about our company and our complete line of continuous insulation panels for residential and commercial buildings and shipping containers.

17/07/2014 In order for Loctite to #lock tight,# you must prep your walls.

This means removing any dirt, debris, loose paint or anything else that may disrupt a wall#s surface.

Cleaning the walls also helps prevent future mold and mildew issues.

Mold grows on concrete because of the organic components like dirt and dust that stick to it.

01/04/2020 Mold is an opportunist and will decomposes organic material,.

InSoFast is a Class III vapor barrier that does not retain water(it#s plastic) yet it will allow drying to the inside so vapor/moisture, pressure will not build up.

With that said we still want you to air seal the InsoFast panel at all penetrations, at the floor and top of the wall.

To achieve excellent insulation power along with protection from condensation and humidity, consider the InSoFast insulation options.

The material doesn#t deteriorate or lose strength over time, absorb water or feed mold growth, or allow for thermal bridging at the sites #, InSoFast EPS molded insulation panels are the perfect DIY option for finishing a basement.

Not only does the InSoFast UX 2.

0 insulation panels offer an R value of 8.

5 but also inhibits any mold growth! The built in polypropylene studs allow you to fasten the panel to the basement wall with a construction adhesive, then simply attach you wall paneling of your choice.

Built in raceways for.

How InSoFast Works Foam Types and Mold Issues: What makes InSoFast ideal for both basement and retrofit applications starts with the unique properties of the foam and the specialized process that it is manufactured with.

InSoFast is formed with high-density closed-cell foam that is not damaged by moisture.

InSoFast works to protect your structure.

It#s like installing, InSoFast ‘s Engineered Panels provide continuous insulation for a variety of unique applications.

From the interior to exterior, commercial to residential, ne.

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