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Insofast Basement Reviews

It took approximately 2 weekends to install and sheetrock.

The basement had 2 x 4’s on their sides with paneling over top painted an ugly color.

We demoed this first, then applied the InSoFast panels.

We sheetrocked over the panels and painted.

This WAS so easy! Our basement was always cool, but we’ve lowered the temperature by at least 10 degrees.

04/11/2014 Dean at InSoFast answered all of my questions and I#m positive he will be there to answer anyone#s questions.

I want people to get inspired.

I do wish that I would have made the video while I was installing to show people that, #Yes it is that simple and yes it is that fast#.

You can transform your dusty basement into a great livable space.

23/05/2019 This page shows three typical basement remodeling situations and draws a comparison between the #Big Box Lumber Stores,# like Lowe#s and Home Depot and the InSoFast method for handling those situations.

We check out factors like the cost, weight, and delivery of materials as well as the average number of parts and pieces you#ll have to.

InSoFast insulation panels also can be used to insulate concrete slabs beneath a flooring system.

But they retail for about 30-40% more than the coast of foam, studs, and plates needed to insulate the traditional way.

Read the full review to learn more about InSoFast insulation panels.

InSoFast is ideal for both basement , retrofit and exterior applications.

I found the product easy, fast and economical to use and recommend it first and above all other options to all my customers when the application is appropriate.

Attached are photos of a job I did in 2010.

“best” basement wall for cold climates these days is 2″ rigid XPS insulation glued to the walls (similar to that insofast product) covered by a traditional 2×4 framed wall with Roxul (rock wool not fiberglass) insulation between the joists.

You end up with R24 walls vs the R8.

5 of just the insofast.

May 15, 2017 – With a body made of inert, mold-resistant material and built-in framing that features a dove-tailed gluing surface, InSoFast panels are the perfect way to insulate your cold, damp basement.

It’s as simple as stick, stack, done.

Many homeowners can and have handled the job by themselves in under a weekend.

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06/06/2019 InSoFast #Not so fast# Insulation Posted on June 6, 2019 by admin Okay after much debate, some ideas being contemplated, figures being run, we decided to go with Insofast insulation.

insofast basement reviews