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Inductor Guitars Mp 1

17/11/2011 Announcing Inductor Guitars first product, the MP-1.

Otherwise known as the Mellifluous #kintilo# fuzz pedal (or Percolator for the G-rating crowd).

The MP-1 is a Harmonic Percolator clone with a few tweaks.

It has a 2N404a germanium transistor for the first stage, germanium diode clipping on/off switch and a mosfet clipping on/off switch for a.

, Today, we#re going to talk about the Inductor Guitars MP-1 Fuzz, also known as the Mellifluous #kintilo# Fuzz.

This is a clone of the popular and mysterious Interfax Harmonic Percolator (HP-1).

The original Interfax Harmonic Percolator was made in the 1970s in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and is mainly known today because Steve Albini of Shellac uses one.

, You can enter the give away here # # Inductor Guitars MP-1 Give Away!# This is an absolutely great sounding pedal, and it will find a happy home for sure.

I want to send out a special thank you to Erik Jarvi of Inductor Guitars for sponsoring this give away.

Please check out Inductor Guitars on the web, Facebook and Twitter! Thanks Erik!, 02/06/2012 Inductor Guitars MP-1 Fuzz guitar effects pedal demo gearmanndude.


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Pedal Mods: Wah Inductors – Duration: 12:27.

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, 09/07/2012 Inductor Guitars MP-1 Give Away # And the winner is# I know people wanted this pedal.

The amount of entries for this guy really said a lot! First of all, I would like to thank everyone for entering.

I wish I could give more than one away, but sadly, that is all I have to give.

I also want to stop and.

, 14/05/2013 The astutely named Mellifluous #kintilo# MP-1 is Inductor Guitars ‘s take on the Interfax Harmonic Percolator, a fuzz pedal from the 1970s.

It just has 1 volume and 2 switches – that makes 4 positions.

I tried it with my Rickenbacker 620 and an Eastwood Airline 3P, plugged in a Marshall stack.

The thing I noticed right away and highly enjoyed is that the MP-1 combines a super sharp bite with a.

, Interfax HP-1 Harmonic Percolator: Interfax distortion pedal fx pedal stompbox stomp box guitar effects pedal distortion dist distorted distort distortion/fuzz/overdrive dirt grit, Effectsbay.

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, Mooer.

Mooer is a Chinese company making a wide-range of product from musical instruments to audio equipment.

They have a bunch of products that are inspired by existing stuff, we are looking at their Micro Series of pedals.

Several of these pedals are based on well-known pedals but now available in small packages and in some cases with Mooer’s own little twist.

, It’s exactly the kind of guitar I love, a classic base with a twist – well this one has more than one! Bertram D.


exceptionally I take the opportunity of this post to invite you to pay a visit to my other blog, where I posted my first pedal review – for the Inductor Guitars Mellifluous #kintilo# MP-1.

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