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Inde Snare Drums

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Great Lakes Drum Co.

Kalamazoo Series Snare Drums.

from 499.


Maple Snare Builder.

from 349.


, INDe helps you not only sound your best, but now we help you look your best too.

, inde suspension tom accessory brackets.

from 4.


sale, The snare bed is a work of art and straight as an arrow.

Every snare touches the reso #, This describes the design choices made to make the most musical drums on the #, We set out to create the world’s most versatile and best sounding drums, with a modern #, Comparison Video, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass snare drums! July 22, 2019.

This #, Upgrade your snare drum with the Independent Drum Lab Strainer! Smooth, Light, Simple and Reliable.

Everything a strainer should be, nothing it shouldn’t.

The strainer is equipped with slotted mounting holes adapt from 1″ to 2.

5″ hole spacings, with clearance for a center bead.

There a, 21/09/2017 INDe snare drums ship standard with 2.

3mm, steel, triple- hoops; 8 cast lugs; the company#s proprietary throw and combo; steel or bronze wires; and the buyer#s choice of Aquarian drumheads.

This drum included a steel 20-wire set, a Classic Clear Snare Side #, Snare drums feature just eight double-sided lugs rather than the more customary ten.

The eight-lug design is adequate for most high-tension tuning # unless you really need to crank it up for a reggae gig # but having fewer lugs also contributes to the snare drums # overall resonance, which, again, is the name of INDe #s game.

03/05/2019 The snare drum has a retro looking throw-off and die-cast plate that would look great on a vintage drum.

Due to its no-drill design and opening for a center bead (as on a metal snare ), this throw-off is often used as a replacement on older drums.

Snare Drums For Sale on Reverb.

The snare is the most recognizable component of a drum set and one of the most defining aspects of a drummer’s tone.

Snare drums can warmly complement the mix, as is the case with wood snares like maple or cherry, or they can slice through the thickest guitars.

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