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Ignacio M Rozas Classical Guitars

Ignacio M.

Rozas was born in 1943 in Madrid.

In 1959, at the age of 16, he began his apprenticeship with Jos Ramirez, where he worked until 1969 ( guitars signed IM : Ignacio Manzano Rozas ).

From 1970 to 1987 he worked for Manuel Contreras.

In 1987 he opened his own workshop, retiring in 2008.

Ignacio worked for Careras as a luthier making classical and flamenco guitars.

He continued to work there for 17 years until 1987.

Striking Out Alone.

1987 was the year that he left behind his training under Careras and Ramirez and Ignacio M Rozas classical guitars were born.

Ignacio #, Ignacio M.

Rozas put the initials IM in the guitars he built for the Ramirez workshop (not IR as mentioned in a comment above.

By the way, I own a Rozas 2008 1a Especial custom ordered “Fleta” design (one of only a half-dozen or so he built) and the instrument is magnificent: exquisitely responsive with bell-like trebles and penetrating base notes.

14/12/2010 I am in the process of swaping an acoustic guitar (my Tacoma Jumbo JR55 2005) for (hopefully) the best classical guitar I can find.

Someone is offering me the choice between a Ramirez R1 (1994) and an Ignacio M.


The latter I’ m very curious about but I know almost nothing about the model, which is called “Carcassi” made in 2005.

1997 Ignacio M.

Rozas I A classical guitar.

Spruce top with beautiful Brazilian rosewood back and sides.

French polish with the original Spanish case.

no cracks, excellent condition.

Fustero tuning machine heads.

650/52 mm scale.

Ignacio M.

Rozas worked under for decades under Jose Ramirez II and Manuel Contreras, and for himself from 1987 till his retirement in early 2008.

Rozas classical guitars are harder and harder to find, but a treat when they appear.

Madrid is a wonderful place for finding hand-built classical guitars.

Ignacio work as a luthier for Contreras from 1970 to 1987.

In that year, he established his own shop.

Rozas makes professional guitars himself, by hand using traditional techniques.

Ignacio Rozas retired in February of 2008, so his guitars are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.

The owner brought this guitar #, 27/07/2007 Ignacio M Rozas different models: 1A, 4, 11 etc.

Post by cn90 Thursday 26 July 2007, 21:00 pm I am trying to educate myself re Ignacio M Rozas different models: 1A, 4, 11 etc.

Ignacio M Rozas (b1943) apprenticed as a guitar maker with Jos Ramirez, from 1959 to 1969.

After leaving Ramirez, he went to work for Manuel Contreras, a former Ramirez craftsmen who had set up his own shop.

Ignacio Rozas worked as a luthier for Contreras building flamenco and classical guitars 1970 to 1987, then established his own shop.

Before his retirement in the early 2000s, Ignacio M.

Rozas was a well-respected Classical Guitar luthier in the Spanish tradition (based, as he was, in Spain), and this 2000 Concierto 2 model proves that in spades.

Indian Rosewood back and sides are here combined with a Spruce top for the classic combination of richness and warmth, and our own repair team recently refretted and set up this.

ignacio m rozas classical guitars