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IGICO #s founders have experienced business, communications & public affairs consultants from leading communication firms and media, who wish to make different yet influential communication assistance for clients.

The respected consultants offer corporate communications services, especially litigation in public relations, issue management, and.

Designed by IGICO, 2019.

Designed by IGICO, 2019.

PT Kreasi Karya Igico or better known as IGICO , was initiated by communications, media, and strategic branding professionals.

Having the experience of working in Indonesia#s and global#s top communications and media agencies, IGICO envisions to be one of the leading corporate communications and media advisory firms in Indonesia, with special expertise areas in: litigation PR, issue.

IGICO | 41 pengikut di LinkedIn | Founded in 2015, IGIco Advisory is the expert on strategic business, economy; issue management, stakeholder#s management and crisis communications.

We have strategic connections to media people, as well as key opinion leaders and experts in social, politics and economy.

We believe our strength can help you accelerate and enhance your organizations capacity.

#Maxi#s training programme is 100% free and open to the market,# says Carneiro.

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Heavy metals in foods # Part 5.

Arsenic measurement methods Soluble inorganic arsenic is acutely toxic, and ingestion of large doses leads to gastrointestinal symptoms, disturbances of.

BLOG IGI: Merupakan wadah menulis bagi Guru-Guru Indonesia dengan berbagai jenis tulisan yang bermanfaat untuk para pembaca.


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IMAC spa division IGI&CO.

Via Sandro Pertini, 6.

06073 Ellera di Corciano (PG), IMAC spa – IGI&CO Division.

Via Sandro Pertini, 6 – 06073.

Ellera di Corciano (PG) – Italy, DiGiCo#s world-renowned innovation, deep feature-set and flagship audio quality of our high-end digital consoles is within reach of everyone.


Meet the S21 # a world-class DiGiCo mixing console at an astonishing price.

Step up to the S21#s worksurface, complete with dual P-CAP multi-touch screens, 48 flexi-channels, the equivalent of 46 buses and benchmark 96kHz performance, and this.