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Ie Bootstrap Cert

The Bootstrap Exam.

The Bootstrap exam will be taken over the Internet, at any time and from any location, but the exam should be supervised by a person selected by the exam candidate.

, Disable third-party browser add-ins Outlook uses Internet Explorer settings for HTTP requests.

If a third-party browser add-in is causing this issue, disable it in Internet Explorer.

, 24/07/2013 Hi Paul,.

Thank you for posting your question in Microsoft Community.

Considering the age of the thread and to avoid confusion, if the troubleshooting steps in this thread did not resolve your issue I would recommend creating a new thread so that the community can focus on that thread from the link:, SSLSupportDesk is part of Acmetek who is a trusted advisor of security solutions and services.

They provide comprehensive security solutions that include Encryption & Authentication (SSL), Endpoint Protection, Multi-factor Authentication, PKI/Digital Signing ie bootstrap cert