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06/06/2015 Automotive clear coat is also my choice for guitar finishes ( I paint guitars as a hobby).

You can#t beat it#s durability and can be applied fairly thinnly while mataining the strength.


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Nice Guitars.

Who makes them?

, I like to paint guitars as a side job, everything from mild accent lines to over-the-top paint jobs.

All up to the customer.

I use enamel paint exclusively, and all artwork is done by hand with various brushes.

, 06/05/2016 I play guitars since 1985.

I paint guitars since 2013.

This video shows some of both.

The soundtrack of this virtual tour is entitled “Coaxing Light” which refers to the act of painting.

I take.

, [QUESTION] Can I paint guitars with spray paint?

I’ve seen nitro paint in spray cans, but those are way too expensive.

So, can I just use regular spray paint and have it look somewhat professional?

If so, how many cans would I need?



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, 20/11/2011 I paint guitars here in jacksonville fl.

Icharge $225.

00 for black or white.

Other colors are more.

There some pics of my work at the link below Pictures by blickenstafftom – Photobucket Guitar-Painter , Nov 20, 2011, 21/08/2016 That is anecdotal, BUT also based on my experience and results.

I paint guitars , its what I do best.

I’m wondering if I could add powdered metal to my first coat of paint, or a special coat, spray the cavities and create proper shielding.

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, I paint guitars , will this material cover wood?

How many coats are required?

Is a primer needed?

If you use a.

5 airbrush.

It will cover in 2 coats.

Priming wouldn’t hurt.

It won’t suck in as much.

Use a 1k primer.


Answered on Aug 20, 2019 See full answer Can you use these paints on #, I paint women and I paint guitars , because, to me, whoever invented the guitar was inspired by the beauty and the form of a woman.

The scale of vivid tones and colors in my paintings are like a bouquet of flowers.

I like to think that my pieces are very sensual, because to me there is sensuality in art.

, Welcome to my Blog where I talk about my life as an artist and all that inspires me.

Read about my street art projects, see images of my original art.

Here you will also find articles about the festivals and events I take part in and some of the people i paint guitars for.

I Hope you enjoy.

Cheers ! Phil

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