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Hsl Chairs Near Me

Find a store | HSL – Handmade Chairs , Beds & Sofas | HSL, Our furniture is occupational therapist-approved and designed with CleverComfort#.

Enjoy your personalised 7-Point Seating Assessment# in-store or at home.

Find the ideal fireside chair in our handcrafted collection; beautifully designed for mobility & posture support.

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Explore HSL ‘s exceptional range of chairs , designed with CleverComfort# technology to maximise your comfort and aid your posture.

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Take a look at the Aysgarth Riser Recliner from HSL , with padded cushions that follow the contours of your spine for extra support.

Home visits available.

Change your life with a handcrafted riser recliner chair ; designed with CleverComfort# to aid posture & mobility.

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Homeserve Furniture Repairs is able to carry out the recliner repair.

Homeserve are able to carry out upholstery repairs on damaged recliners as well as fix or replace any broken mechanisms.

Each and everyone of our 130 technicians are trained to carry out both #, If you suffer from limited mobility, or a disability that makes it significantly difficult to get into and out of your chair , a Willowbrook riser recliner chair could be the solution for you.

Our range of luxury riser recliners and adjustable beds are made to measure, offering you maximum support at all times.

We also offer the option of single or dual motors in all of our chairs.

HSL Aysgarth Riser/ Recliner Chair , Size Grande This HSL chair is in absolutely immaculate condition & has barely been used, for just 6 months.

It is as new.

Purchased in April 2019 at a cost of 1,960.


The photos do not do the colour o 1,100, Take a look at our luxurious range of settee and armchair covers above and find a style that is perfect for your home.

If you’re looking for a loose-fitting cover, a stretchy cover or even a perfectly fitted cover then we know that we’ve got exactly what you need in some of the most stunning and stylish designs above.

hsl chairs near me