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Hr Organization Units Table In R12

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com for #, 01/08/2013 unit information are stored in HR_ORGANIZATION_INFORMATION table.

There are 3 views provided based on these 2 tables to easily find out #, I want to retrieve some data for organizations like org_id , organization_name etc.

in a pl/sql procedure.

What is the base table name which stores organization info?

Initially, I thought that the table was HR_organization, but it seems that HR_organization is not a table , but an api! Please help.

I’ve created an Oracle R12 database user xxbx.

This user has the following privs and roles.

This user must be able to access Oracle secure views such as HR_ORGANIZATION_UNITS , PER_ASSIGNMENTS_F AND PAY_PAYROLLS_F.

hr_organization_units – View which combines values of hr_all_organization_units table and he_all_organization_units_tl table.

hr_all_organization_units – Table that contains all the organization name and it’s period details ( start date and end date ) and more details.

FROM hr_organization_units a, hr_organization_information b WHERE a.

organization_id = b.

organization_id AND org_information1 = ‘OPERATING_UNIT’ AND org_information2 = ‘Y’ List of INV Organizations.

R12 Table Changes.

Suppliers: New R12 tables -> Old 11i Tables AP_SUPPLIERS – replaces PO_VENDORS AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_ALL- replaces PO_VENDOR_SIT, 29/11/2011 Following query gives Operating Unit Information and corresponding Inventory Orgs related information as well.


NAME operating_unit_name, hou.

short_code, hou.

organization_id operating_unit_id, hou.

set_of_books_id, hou.

business_group_id,, Table Or View.


Important columns.



HR_ALL_ORGANIZATION_UNITS holds the definitions that identify business groups and the organization units within a single business group.

Additional information about classifications and information types for each organization is held in HR_ORGANIZATION_INFORMATION.

09/11/2011 Interface Tables : OE_HEADERS_IFACE_ALL, OE_LINES_IFACE.

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hr organization units table in r12