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How To Retrieve Yfrog Pictures

Ever since yfrog stopped being yfrog and started changing to imgshack or whatever the name is, some of my pictures on my account linked to twitter don’t show up.

They just show a blank picture of a.

Is there a way that I can retrieve them, no way at all or should I just email yfrog ?

image imageshack yfrog #, 27/03/2017 Images can sometimes be restored, if a request is sent promptly after the files have been removed.

Please send the image links that you would like restored to [email protected]


We will do our best to have the images back online, as soon as possible.

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ImageShack is an image hosting service.

Sometime in 2014 the service deleted many, many images which had been stored on its servers for years.

A lot of websites around the Internet are now pockmarked with Imageshack’s logo in place of former images.

16/01/2020 It is possible to recover lost photos with 100% success unless you know how to do it.

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20/05/2016 Hi! I’ve found out another way to recover images purged by ImageShack.

If you are looking for a specific image in a thread, you should load it through the Wayback Machine, by copying its Url in the Wayback Machine search box.

If you’re lucky the page might have been indexed, and sometimes it might feature lost images.

Seems to work if you use img_file.

data instead of img_file.



read() is meant to be used when you specify preload_content=False on the request.

Now that I think about it, it’s not very intuitive, perhaps img_file.

read() should be aware of the cached preloaded content, or perhaps it should raise an exception if it has already been consumed.

The plan was to make preload_content.

20/10/2010 Are you using yfrog to upload photos from Sparkbooth?

Check out the yfrog photo widget.

You can use it to display the uploaded photos on your web page or blog.

First you will need to setup Sparkbooth to automatically upload photos to yfrog : Start Sparkbooth and press F1 to display the Settings dialog; Click the Upload tab and select # yfrog.

09/10/2012 over 8 years ago New stats show that Twitter has taken over the picture-sharing market from third-party apps such as TwitPic and Yfrog.

Third-party apps used to

how to retrieve yfrog pictures