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How To Reset A Delsey Luggage Lock

Lock instructions.

Lock used on the following collections: HELIUM, SHADOW, CHATELET, CHATELET HARD + Your adjustable TSA combination lock as delivered can be opened with the combination 0-0-0.

To change the combination: Open the lock by entering the factory code 0-0-0.

Press firmly on the Reset A button and keep it pressed down.

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Have you ever had a question about the lock on your luggage ?

We have put together advice and answers to your questions to help if you ever get locked out.

Press firmly on the Reset A button and keep it pressed down.

Generally, the locks are reset by resetting the button, lever or shackle.

Usually, the correct combinations of the digits unlock the luggage lock.

Another way is the reset bottom which can be used for the resetting of the luggage lock.

This button can be found on the bottom or side of the lock which upon pressing can unlock the luggage lock.

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Villame’s Garage 212,039 views, To reset an Eminent luggage lock , turn the wheels to your new combination while holding the grooves of the wheels in place with a pointed tip.

Release the button and the new code will be set.


Open the lock by entering the factory code 0-0-0.


With a pencil or something pointed, press firmly on the Reset A button which can be on either side of the lock as shown below.

Keep it pressed down.


Enter your secret code (for example 8-8-8) by turning the wheels.


Push button B so that button A goes back to its original position.

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30/04/2018 How to reset instructions at video time 5:15, this instructions will also work with DLX and any luggage with similar Dials.

how to reset a delsey luggage lock