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How To Register In Reliefagad Ph

30/05/2020 How Do I Register ?

Please follow the steps below to learn how to register.

Step 1.

Visit www.


ph using your smartphone.

Step 2.

Scan the barcode of your SAC card/form.

If you cannot scan your barcode, there is a link below for manual entry (you will be asked to enter your SAC number instead).

15/05/2020 At the moment, only SAP beneficiaries in the National Capital Region (NCR) can register their SAC using the ReliefAgad app.

DSWD Relief Agad ph Registration.

Step 1 Using your smartphone, visit the www.


ph website.

Step 2 You will be asked to scan the barcode of your SAC form which is located at the lower part of the form.

Who can use it and how to register ?

DSWD Director Andrew Ambubuyog presented how to use of the mobile app system.

Check out the step-by-step instructions below: SAP Beneficiaries, visit www.


ph to self- register.

Users can either access the mobile application on a mobile or desktop browser.

Then, click register to begin the process.

18/05/2020 Sa video na ito ay tuturuan ko kayo kung paano magregister ng RELIEF AGAD APPLICATION.

Paalala: Ang pwede lamang magregister ay iyong may mga SOCIAL AMELIORATION CARD (SAC).

Dahil kakailangan mo.


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14/06/2020 Until June 16, Social Amelioration Cardholders may apply online via https:// reliefagad.

ph /.

Here, they will be asked to fill out all the necessary information, including taking a photo of their SAC#s barcode.

Once completed, your registration will be uploaded to the centralized DSWD SAP database where#s pending for assessment.

DSWD, DICT launch #ReliefAgad# app for electronic cash aid distribution.

Beneficiaries of the government#s coronavirus cash aid program can choose to receive their subsidies through mobile.

15/05/2020 TO STREAMLINE the registration process and achieve a speedy emergency cash aid distribution under the Social Amelioration Program (SAP), the government launched the “ReliefAgad” mobile app in a virtual press briefing on Thursday, May 14, 2020.

It can be accessed through the website reliefagad.


Shalaine Lucero, DSWD-Central Visayas.

15/05/2020 However, the bar codes that are found on each unique form need to be scanned at the last part of the registration process including the name of the members from a household.

You can visit the official website here: https:// reliefagad.


DSWD # ReliefAgad.

ph # Amelioration Distribution Online.

11 Comments / Life of Miel, Money Matters.

Just today, one of our kapitbahay told us that she just got her SA (Social Amelioration) via online.

I was a bit skeptical about it at first given the fact that I live in the Philippines.

I guess they#re finally improving as we rarely have.

how to register in reliefagad ph