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How To Join Sys Databases And Sys Tables In Sql Server


columns can be joined to sys.

tables using the object_id field (the object_id is the representation of the table itself).


tables is run in the context of the database you are querying, hence you cannot see a table contained in another database.


databases can be run on any database on an instance and allow you to view other databases on the same instance.

All requests are stored in the sys.

requests objects and you can join sys.

databases to get the database that the request is coming from.

You can also find out the SQL statement that request is trying to execute.

All you need to do is to pass the sql _handle column into the dm_exec_ sql _text function to get the result.

84 rows Use the sys.

databases view in the master database of the Azure SQL Database server #, 26/05/2018 sql server join sys databases sys tables | List all tables in a sql server database using a query Part 65.

Sachin Diwakar May 26, 2018 20.


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FROM [‘ + @db + ‘].


[tables ] t JOIN [‘ + @db + ‘].


[partitions] p on t.

object_id = p.

object_id JOIN [‘ + @db + ‘].


[schemas] s on s.

schema_id = t.

schema_id group by s.

name, t.

name ‘) fetch next from c into @db end close c deallocate c– get space used info DECLARE c Cursor Read_Only FOR, Spaltenname Column name Datentyp Data type BESCHREIBUNG Description Eine Liste der Spalten, die diese Sicht erbt, finden Sie unter sys.

Objects (Transact- SQL -).

For a list of columns that this view inherits, see sys.

objects (Transact- SQL ).

: lob_data_space_id lob_data_space_id: int int: Ein Wert ungleich 0 (null) ist die ID des Datenbereichs (Dateigruppe oder Partitionsschema.

I’m running this SQL : SELECT S.

name as Owner, T.

name as TableName FROM sys.

tables AS T JOIN sys.

schemas AS S ON S.

schema_id = T.

schema_id And the result is: Owner TableName —– dbo Person dbo Customer dbo sysdiagrams sysdiagrams is a system table but showed in result.

31 rows sys.

tables (Transact- SQL ) 06/22/2017; 5 minutes to read +5; In this article.

Applies to: SQL #, I thought I had to join with sys.

databases , but does not seem to be possible.

I went to SQL Servers docs but did not find anything that could help.

I would recommend to use the more focused views like sys.

tables ,.

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group_database_id sys.

databases (Transact- SQL ).

06/08/2020; 16 minutes to read; In diesem Artikel.

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how to join sys databases and sys tables in sql server