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Hondo Guitars H 124am

Vintage Hondo Acoustic Guitar Wood And Brass Korea Mkd- VINTAGE Vintage Hondo Acoustic Guitar This Is For An Old Hondo Acoustic Guitar.

I Think This Ones From The 1960’s But Not 100% Sure.

It Is Marked And On The One Area At The Top It Says 21480, It Also Has The Model No In The Inside.

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May 4 2010 Demo of a Hondo H-125 acoustic guitar – Duration: 3:13.

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, Hondo guitars started in Texas in the late 1960s, teaming up with the Korean company Samick to manufacture guitars to American specifications, at low prices spurred by cheap Korean labor.

The quality from Korea was considered subpar, but the prices kept Hondo in business.

In the late #70s, some Hondo models went into production in Japan.

, Hondo Dreadnought acoustic guitar.

Most likely late-70’s/early 80’s.

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, I am fortunate to have a very nice HONDO H IVORY 124.

Rare because as its name suggests it has an ivory finish.

Made in Korea.

like many Fender.

UTILIZATION The neck is thin enough and nice for my small hands.

20 frets, neck.

wooden shaft Good performance of accords over time.

[b]SOUNDS[/b] Rich and smooth.

Pretty resonance of the box.

, 1981 model made in Korea.

Channel V (as Martin) 20 frets Micro magnetic box under the 19th Passive preamp, 1 volume 1 tone Mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, 01/07/2008 Hondo was founded by Freed and Tommy Moore in 1969 with the intention to open up guitar production in Korea, at that time a non-player in the guitar game.

Japan had taken over from Europe as the primary supplier of budget-level guitars during the 1960s.

However, even by the late #60s the success of the Japanese was being eroded by their very success and the strength of the yen.

hondo guitars h 124am