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Hlomu the Wife is a love story that takes its cues from life in a South African township.

A young woman named Mahlomu meets Mqhele Zulu and they fall in love.

Even though aspects of Mqhele’s personality and past make her uncomfortable, Hlomu is happy.

Their love is strong and they stand by each other through good and b, # Book Title : Hlomu the Wife # Name Author : Dudu Busani-Dube # Launching : 2015 Info ISBN Link : 0620662433 # Detail ISBN code : 9780620662437 # Number Pages : Total 361 sheet # News id : KvSGAQAACAAJ File Start Reading # Full Synopsis : ” Hlomu the wife is essentially a love story that takes its cues from life in a South African township.

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hlomu the wife pictures.

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Hlomu the Wife.

Dudu Busani Dube.

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28/06/2017 Meet literary maverick, Dudu Busani-Dube who has single-handedly changed the face of publishing with her hugely popular trilogy of books in the Hlomu series.

Hlomu The Wife is a gripping story of unconditional love and fortitude.

Hlomu is married to a man who adores her.

But he also occassionally does things that could destroy her.

We forgive Mqhele as Hlomu does and we hope he’ll do better.

‘Your wife will die in two weeks, along with your unborn children.

You’ve already buried eight of them,’ the man said.

He knew not to ask the man how he knew all of that and so he sat and listened.

‘It is not you, it is those who came before you, but you can stop it,’ the man said.

He chose to stop it.

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Fiction #We can#t complain about people not buying our books when we aren#t writing for them#: Jennifer Malec chats to bestselling author Dudu Busani-Dube.

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Gugu is pushy and Gugu never stops.

The first time she met Nqobizitha she thought he was educated.

He was, after all, sitting on business class of a Boeing-747 with her pestering him to choose between #shrimp or steak#, #red or dry white#.

The book is quite different from the Hlomu the wife series but still felt like a gift, very funny too.

All of her books are written in first person which takes one into the characters shoes.

I’m just longing for more of Dudus work.

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hlomu the wife pictures