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Hbd Thermoid V Belts

30/06/2015 HBD / Thermoid , Inc.

is a subsidary of HBD Industries, Inc.

HBD manufactures quality, application-engineered, custom-designed, and standard industrial products serving many diverse industries and markets.

Products manufactured by HBD include:.

Thermoid V-Belts #, HBD Thermoid V-Belts HBD / Thermoid offers the industry’s most popular means of power transmission: V-belts , timing belts and related accessories.

Specially designed to withstand the rigors of tough, frequent usage, HBD / Thermoid belts are built to last.

Our wide selection of power transmission belts is easy to select, simple to install.

, HBD / Thermoid , Inc.

has set the standard for reliable industrial rubber products.

From standard to custom-designed, we can create an almost unlimited variety of hose and/or other rubber products to meet your demanding application.

The Thermoid brand of industrial rubber products have a 130 plus year old history of superior quality and performance.

, HBD / Thermoid , Inc.

has a long and established history of producing quality belt products.

Using our years of belt manufacturing, technical and design know-how, along with our production expertise, HBD / Thermoid , Inc.

has teamed up with an over-seas manufacturing licensee to produce the Thermoid #, Thermoid Prime Mover is a premium- rated, heavy duty industrial V-Belt.

These belts are oil and heat resistant and static conducting.

, 3L110 – HBD / Thermoid : Our Cross Reference Part# > A-3L110.

Item # 3L110 – HBD / Thermoid.

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hbd thermoid v belts