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Hardinge Hlv H Belts

23/05/2019 The HLV-H belt is a 1″ wide , 38″ long , 26 degree sheave profile, variable speed belt.

Available in the UK is a different variable speed belt 0.

6mm wider (2.

3% wider), 3mm shorter (0.

3%), but with a 27 degree sheave profile as opposed to 26 degree sheave profile of original.

05/01/2019 The hardinge hlv-h parts are VSG0009624 and VSG0009625 We, the company that is supposed to pay me, has been trying to source belts for our hlvhs (same belts used on later HCs and probably early ones too ) , the US supply seems to have dried #, Hardinge Machine Warranty.

Information in this manual is subject to change without notice.

This manual covers the maintenance of the Hardinge High Speed Super-Precision HLV-H Toolroom and TFB-H Production Lathes.

In no event will Hardinge Inc.

be responsible for indirect or consequential, Hardinge HLV and HLV-H Pictures continued here A Data Pack is available for the early HLV and a Handbook, Parts Manual and Maintenance Manual for the HLV-H HLV-H Page 2 Model HLV early narrow-bed type Hardinge DV-59, DSM-59, TFB-H, HC-AT, HSL-59 & HC Hardinge History Hardinge Millers HLV & HLV-H Accessories Early Hardinge Cataract Toolroom Lathe, The srriooth, powerful endless V belt drive of +he Hurd~nge HLV-H Lathe, 1 ~JII~ 14 1~1th the l~i~jh speeds obttrined, rncrke s~rlcrll d~anleier work msy alld ~fficient.

Ari excrrnple of proper llolding of an instrument part for accurate, high speed rr.

ach~niny by holding tlie part In a standard step chuck.

See, 14/12/2012 CNC-G0704 #15 Belt Drive Conversion pt3 ( Belt and Pulleys) – Duration: 4:43.

Iverson & Company Remanufactured Hardinge HLV-H Toolmaker’s Lathe – Duration: 1:39.

Iverson Company 2,077 views.

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is a leading international provider of advanced metal-cutting solutions.

We provide a full spectrum of highly reliable CNC turning, milling, and grinding machines as well as technologically advanced workholding and machine tool accessories.

Note that on earlier models of the HLV-H , you must also remove the reverse tumbler gear to get the belt entirely out of the machine.

The manual will show you the short procedure for that.


Using a pin wrench, remove the nut (called a “spindle nut” in the Hardinge HLV-H parts manual – see drawing below) holding the spindle pulley to the spindle.

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Run speed adjustment to top 2.

Take gearbox off if changing the top spindle belt 3.

Remove back motor panel 4.

Loosen motor plate as far as it will go ( Belt tensioner) 5.

Intermediate shaft slides side to side.

Roll top belt off sleeve.

Shaft will go far enough to right for the shaft to come out of bearing 6.

hardinge hlv h belts