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Hana Sys M Tables

SAP HANA provides a database catalog (just like most other DBMS) via system tables like TABLES, VIEWS, USERS, etc.

These are the ANSI-92 compliant metadata views.

Instead of the INFORMATION_SCHEMA SAP HANA provides these views in the PUBLIC schema (again, like other DBMS do that).

Example:, M_TRACEFILE_CONTENTS – SAP HANA information from trace files M_TRANSACTIONS – All transactions created by users or database M_UNDO_CLEANUP_FILES – #, When the SAP HANA database runs out of allocated memory, it may also unload rarely used columns to free up some memory.

Therefore, if it is important to precisely measure the total, or “worst case”, amount of memory used for a particular table, it is best to ensure that the table is fully loaded first by executing the following SQL statement:, 17/01/2013 SAP HANA (High Performance Analytic Appliance) is a game-changer in the database innovation.

HANA is designed to provide real-time analytics and transactional processing at lightening speeds, which is possible because of the in-memory technique where all the processing is done in the memory and actually disk is only used for the persistency.

, You can change this in Preferences -> SAP HANA -> Runtime -> Result and increase it past 1000.

Alternatively you can run the SQL from hdbsql or some other tool that doesn’t limit output.

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M_TABLES contains information about all row and column tables in the current schema.

A new method, which uses this table to check that T_PERSON is not already a column-store table, has been added to the servlet.

, 07/03/2017 Sizing SAP HANA for non-NetWeaver approach.

If the migration is from a non-SAP NetWeaver data source, you can use the approach described in SAP Note 1514966 # SAP HANA 1.

0: Sizing SAP In-Memory Database.

This SAP note explains the sizing of SAP HANA in a non-NetWeaver scenario, for instance, if the data is coming from an external source for.

, When the SAP HANA database runs out of allocatable memory, it will try to free up some memory by unloading unimportant data.

Even column store tables are unloaded, column by column, based on a least-recently-used order, up to a preset lower limit.


M_TABLES WHERE IS_COLUMN_TABLE = ‘TRUE’ (TABLE_SIZE, #) 10 – Documentation / Reference.

, After installing the HANA 2.

0, express edition, I assumed that the SAP HANA Interactive Education (SHINE) for SAP HANA 2.

0 SPS00 for SAP HANA XS Advanced Model would have been pre-installed, because of the existence of a XSA_SHINE user, but the XSA app shine-web, does not seem to exist in Space SAP:.

xs app shine-web -urls.

Checking this developer tutorial makes it clear that the SHINE.

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hana sys m tables