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Halti Pallas City X Stretch Pants W

Pallas housut ovat kevn ykkstuote! Housut ovat naisten tekniset ulkoilu-ja retkeilyhousut sinulle, joka nautit luonnossa liikkumisesta.

Nm housut soveltuvat moneen kytttarkoitukseen, sill ne ovat erittin mukavat pll.

Kyt housuja retkeilyyn, vaelluksille ja ulkoiluun; aina kun haluat lhte luontoon.

Housujen materiaali on yhdistelm kahta erilaista X-Stretch.

Pallas City pants are women’s technical X-Stretch pants with excellent feminine fit and figure.

These pants are specially designed for you who enjoy outdoors and nature.

These pants are an excellent option from spring to fall time when you need a pant that is easy to wear, breathable, and can be used for many purposes.

The material is a mixture of two X-Stretch materials, which repels both.

Pallas City trousers are mens technical and stretchable outdoor pants.

These trousers are specially designed for the active lifestyle, the stylish enough for the city use and functional to use also for hiking.

The material is a mixture of two X-Stretch materials which repels both wind and water yet is extremely breathable and stretchable.

Halti Pallas City X-stretch Pants W -naisten stretch-housut Naisten X-Stretch -ulkoiluhousut istuvalla mitoituksella ja joustavalla materiaalilla.

Materiaali hylkii vett ja tuulta.

Pallas City -housut ovat miesten monikyttiset X-Stretch -housut ulkoiluun.

Joustava X-Stretch -materiaali hylkii tuulta ja vett sek hengitt erinomaisesti.

Nm housut ovat erinomaiset lmpimiin sek viilempiin piviin kevst syksyyn.

Haltin ECO-tuote, sill X-Stretch #, Pallas technical X-Stretch outdoors pants are for women who enjoy the great outdoors and want to stay comfortable in all the conditions Mother Nature throughs at you.

Pallas pants are manufactured using bluesign-approved recycled ECO-materials.

They are both extremely breathable and water- and wind-repelling to keep you dry and happy from spring to fall.

Pallas Men’s Warm X-Stretch Pants 169,00 # New Pallas ECO- line is made for active people who value breathable and stretchable outdoors products.

Products are made of X-Stretch material, which is bluesign certified and approved fabric.

Children’s versatile X-Stretch pants with excellent fit.

Specially designed for active Outdoor use.

A mixture of two X-Stretch materials which repels both wind and water yet extremely breathable and stretchable.

Main material with a brushed inner face for extra warmth.

ECO product as Ripstop material is certified bluesign approved.

This Pallas outdoor jacket is a mens top seller jacket in Halti ‘s spring collection.

Use this jacket for trekking, hiking, cycling, and touring on the trails.

The coat does not have a shell so that it can be used even for active outdoor sports.

The jacket is a mixture of two breathable and stretchable X-Stretch materials which both repels wind and water.

Pallas Women’s City X-Stretch Pants 87,90.

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halti pallas city x stretch pants w