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H Krug Furniture History

The Krug Story Founded in 1880, Krug is a leading designer and manufacturer of office, healthcare, higher education and hospitality furnishings.

Our products are specified by architects, designers and other furniture professionals for beautiful spaces, all over the world.

We strive to differentiate Krug with continual product innovation, and by.

30/03/2006 H.

Krug Furniture Company Limited, Furniture — Catalogs, Commercial catalogs, Office furniture — Catalogs Publisher Berlin, Ont.

: H.

Krug Furniture Co.

Ltd Collection toronto Contributor Toronto Public Library : Toronto Reference Library Language English, Krug is a leading designer and manufacturer of office and healthcare furniture solutions.

The H.

Krug Furniture Company Ltd.

Kitchener ON 1956 H.

Krug Office Chairs N Price List in Middle – November 15 1956 The H.

Krug Furniture Company Ltd.

Kitchener ON 1956 H.

Krug Office Chairs N Same as catalogue above, but with no Price List The H.

Krug Furniture Company Ltd.

Kitchener ON [19–] H Krug N Price Lists throughout catalogue The H.

13/06/2015 The “solid and heavy” you describe is one reason the H.

Krug Furniture Co.

exists to this day – their products stand up to the test of time.

The company #, Vintage H.

Krug Barrel Back Arm Chair: solid Oak and in very good condition with some light usage on arm-rests and seat.

The chair is 31 1/2 “at back, and the moulded seat is 17 1/2 high.

Stamped at bottom of Seat with Krug marking and could be typically found in Lawyers offices, Libraries and Banks.

Full text of ” H.

Krug Furniture Catalogue” See other formats THE H.



ETC BERLIN, ONTARIO, CANADA r i SPECIAL NOTICE ORDERING AVOID DELAYS and ERRORS by stating in your order the quantity, number, wood, finish, frame or #, This Furniture Catalogue No.

15, created in 1901, has a purple decorative soft cover with gold print.

“1901” is featured in gold print on the back cover.

It contains black & white illustrations of furniture offered for sale by Krug Bros.

& Co.

furniture manufacturers.

An #, 12/07/2018 China cabinet from H.

Krug Furniture Company of Kitchener was made in the 1930s / OTTwp A: Founded in 1880, this company continues to be one of the top North American furniture #, The H.

Krug Furniture Company was founded in 1887 on the corner of Ahrens and Breithaupt Streets in Berlin, Ontario, by Hartman Krug.

The company initially produced frames, dining rooms sets, and rockers, but by 1908 production included all types of furniture , with a specialty in chair-making.

h krug furniture history