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Gutermann Vs Coats

20/08/2008 Joann’s is having a sale on the Gutermann ‘s thread right now, but it’s the same price as the Coats & Clark thread (the 100% poly) normally.

If it’s a better thread I’ll get some while it’s on sale, but otherwise I won’t bother.

Coats And Clark 100% cotton thread: This one was almost completely smooth under the microscope, a tightly-wound thread without stray fibers.

Guttermann 100% polyester thread: This is one of the more expensive threads on the market and has far fewer loose fibers than the bargain brands.

Mettler Metrosene Plus 100% Polyester: Very few loose fibers.

07/08/2014 Gutermann Sew-All and Coats and Clark XP: Gutermann Sew-All thread is the most popular thread that we sell.

Made of 100% polyester, it is strong, colorfast, resistant to UV rays, rot, mildew and chemicals.

It has some stretch and is suitable for both hand and machine sewing and on most fabrics, particularly woven synthetics, knits and stretch.

04/11/2019 Depending on where I look, the vendor descriptions on some of the Gutermann threads have been a bit confusing.

Some vendors are great at telling you exactly what you are getting (i.


Mara vs.

Tera vs.

Sew-All with corresponding Tex sizes) while others are a little vague (“Standard Weight”, “Extra Strong”, etc.


I thought I’d post a clarification that I received from their national sales manager.

24/06/2013 When I bought my Husqvarna Designer I was told to use Gutermann thread and to stay away from Coats and Clark.

I stocked up on Gutermann thread when it was 50% off.

I also have some Maderia Aerofil and a few spools of Mettler.

I don’t use my Designer but opt for my Pfaff 130, Singer 15-91, Pfaff 1472 and Singer Model 27 treadle.

22/04/2019 Re: Coats Moon Thread v Gtermann Sew All Reply #3 on: April 22, 2019, 12:08:28 PM When I last tested thread strength, Gutermann was slightly stronger than Coats and Moon.

30 vs 27 tex makes sense, my results were not intended to be accurate to 10%.

19/03/2014 Much better! Personally, I#m a Gutermann Girl all the way.

I love their polyester thread # hasn#t failed me yet.

I#ve had the spool photographed below for at least 3 years!.

Told me to get away from Coats and Clark (which is the brand I#ve always used for hand stitching.

) She also told me I might have the tension set wrong.

Coats & Clark Dual Duty XP General Purpose or Coats 100% Cotton Mettler Poly Sheen, Seracor, or Seralene Guetermann Sew-all Thread or Natural Cotton: Organic Cotton Knit Light: Ball Point: 70, 75 (10, 11) 24, 27, 30 10-12 Coats & Clark Dual Duty XP General Purpose or Coats 100% Cotton Mettler Poly Sheen, Seracor, or Seralene, 13/04/2009 So, here’s my question.

My local country fabric store has the small spools of Mettler for $1.

40 a spool.

I believe Gutermann is $1.

29 or $1.

69 for the same size spool (I don’t usually buy the small spools because I had preferred the larger ones).

Does anyone know if the $1.

40 price for Mettler is a #, 17/01/2017 I recently tried Aurifil after using Coats & Clark for years (Joann coupons and sales, you know how it goes) – I couldn’t believe the difference in how my Babylock handles it! The Coats & Clark wasn’t bad, but the lint was terrible and thread would break from time to time.

I have bought Gutermann for many years and sew with it regularly.

gutermann vs coats