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Gr Time MkII Crazy Tube Cirquits! delay tape magnetic drum echoes , .


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gr site! Guitar News | Video Reviews | Live.

Nick Arvanites from Guitarspot.

gr was really inspired form Gravity-Spot & Riff-Raff pedals.

The result was this incredible song!!!!! Riff-Raff pedal is for all rhythm sections G-Spot pedal is for all solo sections.

Thanks a lot Nick.

Tsakalis AudioWorks workshop – guitarspot.



Gr Guitar Distortion Review A video from my website Lake in Lehigh Valey, PA (DRONE SHOT) Not edited, DJI MAVIC PRO Yiannis Papadopoulos – Private sessions for Guitarspot.

gr, I joined Guitarspot.

gr and through my personal column, which goes by the name of Lickspot, you can now watch a new video every month, considering guitar patterns and ideas for improvisation.


Gr and Yiannis Papadopoulos are proud to present the international guitar competition SHUT UP & PLAY 2014! Take place in the competition in order to have a chance in winning one of our amazing prizes! Upload your Video until 20th of july 2014!!!

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