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Gu Patrol Roof Rack Weight Limit

15/01/2015 I smell an urban legend here, the odds that a guy in Albury has seen a Y62 in the first place are slim! The roof of a y62 has to support the weight of an inverted y62.

The odds that a roof rack was able to distort it seem unlikely.

Adventure Kings Aluminium Platform Roof Rack Suitable for Nissan Patrol GQ/ GU Wagon 1987-2016; More Views.

All vehicles have very defined and specific roof load limits , which is the maximum weight that the vehicle#s roof can carry.

The reason a lightweight roofrack is so important, is that the less the roofrack itself weighs, the more.

15/06/2017 Considering a GU Patrol has a roof load limit of 150kg, they are well more than double over the limit.

Patrols are legendarily tough, but that#s just ridiculous.

And what do you know, at some stage down the track, the whole.


roof rack falls off.

17/01/2010 I’m looking at purchasing a roof rack for my ’05’ patrol.

Unsure as to whether or not to buy at full length (220cm) or a 3/4 (180cm).

I’ve been looking at the power full 4×4 roof racks as the are a bit kinder on the wallet then the Arb ones.

Just after peoples opinion on either size or band and photos if there are any ot there.

07/05/2020 Something that is often overlooked is the weight of your roof rack itself.

We installed a Powerful 44 full length steel cage roof rack on a mates Patrol a few years back, and weighed it at at around 60kg.

When you can only carry 100kg on the roof , fitting a 60kg rack to only be able to carry 40kg seems a bit pointless.

For Nissan Patrol GQ GU UTE Aluminium Cage Roof Rack 850x1250mm.

This commercial-grade roof rack is beautifully finished and is capable of carrying well in excess of your vehicles load limit.

It is perfect for work and play.

The dual cross bars to the mounting plates make this roof rack one of the strongest in Australia.

Weight : 13 kgs.

ARB roof racks are built to support the full rated roof load capacity of a vehicle with the mounting system and structural integrity of the rack being designed to withstand the most demanding of conditions.

ARB racks are available in a variety of lengths and widths for vehicles with or without gutters, so you can choose the appropriate size to.

gu patrol roof rack weight limit