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Gtech Bikes Canada

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, sales of e- bikes are experiencing a boom at the moment and bikes like the Gtech eBike are poised to take full advantage.

Where most ebikes cost upwards of 1,500.

Electric bikes.

With pedal-assistance, Gtech eBikes take you further, faster, with more ease.

Enjoy the ride and take control of your journey.

eBike City (381) Make your daily commute more enjoyable with a comfy seat, step through frame and generous cycling range.

RRP 995.



Gtech eBike Sports.


0 out of 5 star rating.

The Gtech is a top pick under 1,000 Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media.

These bikes also let you ride in ways you usually couldn#t, and as.

02/04/2018 The Gtech eBike comes in two different styles, but each with specific measurements.

The #Sport# variant has a 20-inch frame while the #City# variant has a slightly smaller 17-inch step.

You’ll find some excellent bikes in this price range that fold up small and withstand daily use.


These folding bikes start around $600 and can cost up to $4,000.

These bikes are ideal for serious cyclists who want a folding bike that’s as pleasant to ride as a full-sized bike.

Leave boring behind.

Classic look with modern Ebike tech.

Turn heads and crush any hill in style.

| Check out ‘The Babymaker – Stealth Road eBike With Belt Drive’ on Indiegogo.

HENMI Bike Stand 4 cm Height Adjustable and Universal Kickstand, Support for Mountain Bike , Road Bike , Fit Bike Wheel Diameter of 24 # 28 Inches 4.

2 out of 5 stars 361 14.

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