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Gretsch Drums S 6514 Sso Sn

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, The beautiful Gretsch Oak Stave Snare Drum has a massive 7/8″ thick shell.

The oak shell has a satin finish, giving the drum a natural and classy look.

Hardware on this snare drum includes – 3.

0mm triple-flanged hoops, Gretsch 5473 lugs, and a Classic Deluxe Throw-Off.

All of the hardware is chrome plated.

, Gretsch Drums Full Range S-6514 -BRH Snare drum.




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#, S 6514ssc Sn Gretsch Drums Snare Drum.

0mm triple-flanged hoops, GRETSCH 5473 lugs, and a classic deluxe throw-off.

0mm triple-flanged hoops GRETSCH 5473 -Strand SNare wire the beautiful GRETSCH cherry Stave drum has a Staggering 7/8 thick Shell.

The re mo drumbeats and twenty Strand Snares round out incredibly warm Sound that this drum provides.

, Gretsch Drums is proud to introduce the Bell Brass 6″ x 14″ 10-lug snare drum.

The brushed-finish solid Bell Brass snare drum provides a distinct, cutting tone and is an excellent choice for a variety of studio and live applications.

“Bell Brass gives this snare drum great projection and presence.

, Gretsch S-6514 -BRH Hammered Brass Snare.



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Gretsch S-6514 -SF Signature Series Snare Drum.



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Gretsch GEX-E825 Energy 5-Piece Drum Set.



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Gretsch CM1-E826P.

, The chrome-plated shell looks like it means business, and a host of Gretsch innovations make your life as a drummer a whole lot easier.

So if you’re looking for a versatile, great-sounding snare drum that can handle a variety of tunings, check out Gretsch ‘s Brooklyn steel snare.

Gretsch Brooklyn 6.

5″ x 14” Steel Snare Drum Features at a Glance:, Gretsch Drums is proud to introduce a brand new Signature Series snare drum that bears his name and delivers the performance that Taylor demands.

The snare features a 14×6.

5 inch steel shell that is plated in gleaming black nickel.

The 2.

3mm triple-flanged hoops, 10 lugs and adjustable throw-off are finished in triple chrome plating.

, Gretsch Drums Cherry Stave 20-Lug Snare Drum 14 x 6.

5 in.

Model #S-6514SSC-SN Gretsch Drums Warranty.

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, Spotlight: Gretsch Brushed Brass Snares From the Gretsch Drums website: Gretsch brushed brass snare drums combine the pure sound of a brass shell with a boutique, hand finished appearance.

A specialized hand brushing process is used to carefully apply the shell finish; the result is a distinctive two-toned, vintage patina color effect.

gretsch drums s 6514 sso sn