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206 rows azurecurve Products Microsoft Dynamics GP (0) Sales Sales Transaction History ( SOP30200 ) Easily find this page again using the shortlink: https://gpt.



uk/ SOP30200 Product: Microsoft Dynamics GP #, Usually the line sequence number for most GP tables starts with 16384 and increments by 16384 for each new line.

If lines are inserted inbetween existing lines, they will be assigned a sequence number halfway between the two lines around it.


In that case, using DOCDATE in the SOP30200 table will work.

On the other hand, some companies.

, Dynamics GP Table Reference for COMPANY.

SOP30200 fields.

Includes the table description, field descriptions and field default values, 06/07/2010 More Online Resources for Dynamics GP Reporting.

David Musgrave#s blog:.

David has a comprehensive post on Finding Table and Field Information in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

For use with the Support Debugging Tool: Getting Table and Field Data out of Dexterity Dictionaries and my example on how to use this.

Mark Polino#s blog # Mark has a section for GP downloads where you can find lists of.

, GP Table Reference.

Primary Menu.


(SOP10200) Sales Transaction History ( SOP30200 ) Sales Transaction Work (SOP10100) Sales Type ID Setup (SOP40200).

, Post by childofthe1980s SOP10100 The posting status field is always 0 1 – New (Order) 2 – Ready to Print Pick Ticket (Fulfillment Order) 3 – Unconfirmed Pick (Fulfillment Order), View all column information about SOP30200 and build a SQL Query with the Dynamics GP Table Reference.

, 15/07/2017 hi, I need to implement real time feed of Dynamics GP SOs and Invoices into external MySQL database and I am using SmartConnect real time datasource on tables SOP10100, SOP10200, SOP30200 and SOP30300 (i.


SOP work header, SOP work #, Dynamics GP Tables and Views There are many, many tables in the Dynamics GP database.

Understanding which ones to use can be difficult.

So, below is a list of the commonly used tables.

Keep in mind, if you do not own certain modules within Dynamics GP , then you may not see these tables #, The GLPOSTDT field in SOP10100 and SOP30200 will be the same as the TRXDATE in the GL20000 and GL30000 tables.

If you are set up to post by the batch date, the date used in the Sales Batch Entry window will be the date listed in GLPOSTDT field in the SY00500 table (postings master) will be what#s listed in the corresponding General Ledger tables.

gp table sop30200