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155 rows azurecurve Products Microsoft Dynamics GP (0) Sales Sales Transaction Amounts Work ( SOP10200 ) Easily find this page again using the shortlink: https://gpt.



uk/ SOP10200 Product: Microsoft Dynamics GP (0), Commonly Used Tables : SOP10100 # Unposted/Work Transactions (header) # one record per unposted sales transaction SOP10200 # Unposted/Work Transactions (line detail) # one record per line item on unposted sales transactions (for kits, there will be one record per kit component) SOP10101 # Commissions Work and History, Dynamics GP Table Reference for COMPANY.

SOP10200 fields.

Includes the table description, field descriptions and field default values, 131 rows View all column information about SOP10200 and build a SQL Query with the Dynamics #, 189 rows View all column information about SOP10100 and build a SQL Query with the Dynamics #, When we load more than 3 chars directly into the table for a record, the display truncates to 3 chars.

The Planner master table IV00110 is the same # and Planner maintenance also allows only 3 char entry # HOWEVER # it shows all 15 chars in list.

Is this standard behavior ?

(we are GP 2010 V: 11.


2044) Thank you for any guidance! Like Like, EXGTBLID AS ‘Multicurrency Exchange Rate Maintenance-Exchange Table ID’ FROM SOP10100 AS [‘Sales Transaction Work’] INNER.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Table Reference by Ian Grieve is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.

0 International License.

azurecurve, 08/12/2014 Adding Column to GP ‘s SQL Table SOP10200.


It is never advisable to add a column to GP tables.

It can cause issues at upgrade time.

It would be better to find an unused field, or existing User-Defined field to store your data.

In fact, I doubt Microsoft would support it if you encounter issues as a result of modifying a table.

, Dynamics GP Tables and Views There are many, many tables in the Dynamics GP database.

Understanding which ones to use can be difficult.

So, below is a list of the commonly used tables.

Keep in mind, if you do not own certain modules within Dynamics GP , then you may not see these tables #, 01/02/2016 If you are missing a line in the SOP10100 but have lines in the SOP10200 , I do not believe that the Reconcile-Remove Sales document will insert the missing record.

My suggestion would be to delete the lines using SQL and then run an Inventory Reconcile to remove any allocations associated with the phantom sales document.

gp table sop10200