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Gp Table Sop10100

This is not the kind of change that should be made directly in SQL.

There are other fields in the SOP10100 table and, more importantly, there are many other tables that may be impacted by this change.

How they are impacted is determined by business logic that is run when these changes are made in the GP application.

, 189 rows View all column information about SOP10100 and build a SQL Query with the Dynamics #, Dynamics GP Table Reference for COMPANY.

SOP10100 fields.

Includes the table description, field descriptions and field default values, 214 rows azurecurve Products Microsoft Dynamics GP (0) Sales Sales Transaction Work #, 206 rows azurecurve Products Microsoft Dynamics GP (0) Sales Sales Transaction History #, 06/07/2010 More Online Resources for Dynamics GP Reporting.

David Musgrave#s blog:.

David has a comprehensive post on Finding Table and Field Information in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

For use with the Support Debugging Tool: Getting Table and Field Data out of Dexterity Dictionaries and my example on how to use this.

Mark Polino#s blog # Mark has a section for GP downloads where you can find lists of.

, SOOH in the query above is and Alias for the Sales Order Open Header table or SOP10100.

You could use this value to link to the NOTEINDX in the SY03900 table and return the Note Text, but you don’t have to because SmarList builder has a feature that you can use to return note text from GP based on the Note Index value.

I have outlined this below.

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, If IV is not depleted, GL is not posted, RM posted, in SOP work and history tables.

Void RM transaction and delete the GL batch created.

Remove transaction out of SOP history tables ; SOP30200/SOP30300.

Follow the steps in Scenario 8 to verify the information in the SOP10100 #, The posting status field of SOP10100 is always at 0.

Is that correct?

The SOP Status field of SOP10100 is set at ‘1’ for orders and ‘0’ for all other documents.

Is that correct?

In SOP 30200, what is the difference between a ‘0’ for posting status and a ‘2’ for posting status?

Also in gp table sop10100