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Gp Gl20000 Table

84 rows azurecurve Products Microsoft Dynamics GP (0) Financial Year-to-Date Transaction Open ( GL20000 ) Easily find this page again using the shortlink: https://gpt.



uk/ GL20000 Product: Microsoft Dynamics GP (0), 08/03/2019 Thanks for the clarification.

Unfortunately, GP does not track this.

You can sometimes use the DEX_ROW_TS in the GL10001 table and the GL20000 table , but that will store the last time a change was made to the transaction, not when it was actually entered.


Like Like, Dynamics GP Table Reference for COMPANY.

GL20000 fields.

Includes the table description, field descriptions and field default values, azurecurve Products Microsoft Dynamics GP (0) Financial Account Transaction History (GL30000) Easily find this page again using the shortlink: https://gpt.



uk/GL30000 Product: Microsoft Dynamics GP #, 65 rows View all column information about GL20000 and build a SQL Query with the Dynamics GP #, 18/03/2009 I#m an Internal Auditor and don#t actually work IN the GP modules, I just pull data from the tables to run certain analysis on.

We also use ReQlogic so trying to tie GP table data to the information in ReQlogic is proving to be interesting.

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Tony Reply March 26, 2020 at 9:25 am.

26/08/2010 HI All, I am trying to understand the table structure in dynamics GP.

Can anybody suggest the link between tables aag30000 and aag00401.

I tried AAG30003 where aatrxcodeid is common as aatrxdimcodeid in AAG00401 and aaGLHdrID is common in aag30000 and aag30003, 16/08/2017 I had reviewed this article prior to posting this question.

The article does not join the AA tables with the GL20000 table.

I need the JE distribution references with the AA info.

The problem here is that the JE distribution reference is being captured on the GL tables and the users are not using the AA distribution reference in the JE.

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gp gl20000 table