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Goodyear Hy T Matchmaker V Belts

Notice This information is provided for reference only! The product(s) represented in this literature were previously manufactured by Goodyear Engineered Products- Veyance Technologies until January of 2015 when this legal entity was acquired by Continental AG of Germany and became part of their ContiTech Industrial Products Division.

, Meets MPTA-RMA-RCA Engineering Standards for Envelope Narrow V-belts , 1991 The above # Matchmaker # matching tolerances apply to the following Goodyear belts: HY-T.

Torque Team ( HY-T and HY-T Wedge) GOODYEAR MATCHMAKER.

, Vytacord tension members provide strength and dimensional stability for Matchmaker performance; Temperature range -400F to 2300F (-400 to 1100C; HY-T Wedge Torque Team A narrow cross-section joined belt for higher performance and shock load applications ideal for pulsating loads, high capacity drives and/or short center heavy-duty drives.

, Hy-T Wedge is so strong that small sheave diameters aren#t a problem.

It#s often possible to achieve a required horsepower with fewer Hy-T Wedge belts than with standard V-belts reducing sheave size, sheave costs, and belt costs even more.

Since less power is required to run the smaller, lighter drives, more power gets to the load.

, ContiTech HY-T Torque Team Wedge Cogged is static conductive, making it appropriate in the presence of explosive gases, liquids, powders, and other substances where the possibility of static sparks must be kept to a minimum.

It is built with Vytacord tension members, a synthetic reinforcement that increases overall tensile strength and lends dimensional stability so that drive performance.

, # Matchmaker to eliminate mismatch.

# Static conductive.

of Hy-T Plus.

Plioflex provides the optimum blends of fiber-loaded synthetic rubbers to produce materials especially suited for the demands placed on today#s V-belts.

The unique fiber length and blend provide flexibility on small pulleys.

As a result

goodyear hy t matchmaker v belts