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Golden Pants Mii Qr Codes

29/09/2012 Gold Pants Miis For evrybody Whoo!! My FC 386682838236.

30/08/2012 Golden Pants – Duration: 1:44.

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Nintendo 3DS Gold Pants Mii Pack III – Duration: 0:43.

15 mario mii qr codes for nintendo 3ds.

13/10/2012 Here’s a treat for all you Nintendo 3DS owners out there: NINE Gold Pants Miis ! The first five are not region-locked, so they can be received on any N3DS.

However, the other four can only be.

Gold Mii QR Code For 3DS.

Have A Miyamoto Gold Pants Mii : 3DS.

3DS Wallpaper Codes.

3ds Special Mii Qr Codes Gold Pants Pictures To Pin On.

Mii QR Code By ShinySmeargle On DeviantArt.



The Four Links Miis (with Mii QR Codes !) By Twewy1 On Gold Pants Mii Qr Codes 3ds Pokemon 3DS.

Gold Pants Miis I’ve found online with QR Codes.

Mii QR Code By ShinySmeargle On DeviantArt Gold Pants Mii Qr Codes 3ds old Pants Miis I would like to have a clean and awesome looking resource page for gold pants Miis.

A place to showcase all the Miis with gold pants from all regions, provide QR codes (when available) and images of the Miis and the people they represent.



Official Miyamoto Golden Pants Mii QR Code (Region Free.

The Mii Gallery.

How To Make Miis :episode 2 Zeus,posiden,hades.

how to make miis :episode 2 zeus,posiden,hades cashey501 Loading Unsubscribe from cashey501 Como Hacer el Mii Batman y el Cerdito en el Wii Y 3DS – Duration: 5:54.

I know there are some region specific QR codes for Miis , so I will probably get additional 3DSs from Japan and Europe and wherever else is needed so that I can pass gold pants Miis on to other people, and then format the systems to scan the QR codes again for the next person who would like them.

Nintendo has sent through email 2 miis with golden pants.

Everyone who has a japanese wii and is connected though a japanese server will be able to receive the gloden panst mii if he get connected.

25/11/2015 Custom gold pants Mii QR code Made with the help of NTR debugger, changing 95 to 14 quickly after pressing “OK” and before the QR was generated.

Offset for 2nd Mii (NTR): 0x14895A90 Also, you won’t be able to receive it on the system that created the Mii golden pants mii qr codes