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Gibson Destroys Firebird X Guitars

Best of 2019: With its arcane switching system, robot tuners, Bluetooth accessories and clunky software, the Gibson Firebird X is a nigh-on impossible electric guitar to love.

But for many guitar geeks, the video footage posted on YouTube of hundreds of these instruments being pulverised under the caterpillar tread of a heavy construction vehicle had a uniquely macabre quality.

In a bizarre video uploaded by a former Gibson employee, watch as hundreds of Firebird X guitars get destroyed in a construction site.

31/07/2019 A Link-Belt 160X3 Excavator crushes and absolutely DESTROYS hundreds of brand new USA Gibson Firebird X Guitars ! At least $500,000 of brand new guitars wiped out! Surely these could have been.

According to Wilkes, Gibson was crushing its unsuccessful Firebird X model guitars , which attempted to incorporate a range of new technologies.

Those extras included auto-tuners, in-body software.

When Gibson destroys hundreds of Firebird X guitars : analysis of the latest Gibson bad buzz.

By Pierre Journel Published on 2019-08-1.

You must have seen the video where hundreds of Gibson Firebird X guitars are destroyed.

It’s the Gibson bad buzz of the day on the Internet.

A quick search will quickly get you the video in question.

02/08/2019 A cringe-inducing video which you can watch below shows a construction vehicle crushes hundreds of meticulously arranged Gibson Firebird X electric guitars.

In the outcry that followed its #, Gibson has come under scrutiny following the release of a video showing the guitar manufacturer destroying hundreds of Firebird X guitars by running them over with a construction vehicle.

A former.

The Internet is abuzz with Gibson USA questions again this week after a video gained national attention earlier today.

The video, posted by former Gibson # Memphis employee BJ Wilkes on his BJ#s World Youtube channel, shows hundreds of Gibson Firebird X models being lined up on the ground and destroyed by a large excavator.

The video set the guitar loving Internet on fire with criticism.

Best of 2019: Recently, a mysterious video documenting hundreds of Gibson Firebird X guitars being lined up and run over by a heavy construction vehicle popped up online.

The guitar community began questioning the clip#s origins, as well as the reasoning behind the destruction, and now Gibson has released a statement explaining the action, stating that the guitars in question were an.

Iconic guitar makers Gibson have issued a statement explaining the reasoning behind their decision to destroy hundreds of guitars , footage of which has gone viral online.

Last week, footage found its way online of what looks like the worst nightmare of any music lover.

Laid out before a large excavator, hundreds of brand-new Gibson Firebird X can be seen lined up, before the excavator powers.

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