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German E Boat S130

S130 was a particularly successful example of the schnellboot.

Commissioned on October 21st 1943, she was part of the 9th S-Boot flotilla that, in March 1944, found and attacked the American invasion force in Lyme Bay during Operation Tiger, a training exercise for the D-Day landings at Slapton Sands and, as a consequence of the action, became a catalyst that accounted for some 740+ American.

S130 E Boat.


E boats were much more than just fast torpedo attack boats , they were in reality a scaled down warship.

Heavily armed and extremely fast (in excess of 34 knots) they could cause immense damage to much larger enemy ships and escape unharmed.

I have just discovered a large German GA side elevation drawing of an E Boat that.

Wheatcrofts German S130 Schnellboot.

The only known, surviving and seaworthy S-boot S-130 , was built at the Johann Schlichting boatyard as hull number 1030 in Travemnde, on the Baltic Coast.

he commissioned a team of divers to recover items from three E – boats #, 24/09/2018 S-130 is the very last of Germany’s sleek S- Boats , the fast motor torpedo boats known to the British as E – boats , that ravaged shipping around the shores of the UK.

Now being restored in Britain.

27/04/2012 S130 WW2 German Schnellboot Restoration.

SLIPPING : S130 , the last surviving WW2 Schnellboot in viable condition for restoration and the only S 38b Class boat still afloat, was slipped on 10th March 2008 and was transported to the restoration site, at Southdown in Cornwall, to await the construction of the cover and for the work to commence.

14/10/2010 German E – boats in British Service – Duration: 4:55.

Mark Felton Productions 185,746 views.


PT Boat PT-658 Deck and Interior Walkthrough Sept 2012 -18 minutes – Duration: 18:09.

E – boats ( German : Schnellboot, or S-Boot, meaning “fast boat “) was the designation for fast attack craft of the Kriegsmarine during World War II.

It is commonly held that the British used the term E for Enemy.

The S- boat was a very fast vessel, able to cruise at 40 or 50 knots, and its wooden hull meant it could cross magnetic minefields unharmed.

It was better suited to the open sea and had.

The boat is classed by the Germans as a Schnellboot or fast torpedo boat type S38b and is a fine example of German resourcefulness and engineering standards.

S130 on the site of the old brickworks at Southdown, Millbrook after just bing removed from the lake by being dragged up the slipway, prior to the shed being erected.

27/04/2015 On 28 April 1944, four E – boats opened fire on a convoy of eight US ships during an exercise off the Devon coast.

Codenamed Exercise Tiger , #, PT boat, Fairmile D motor torpedo boat, Motor Torpedo Boat, R boat, Motor Gun Boat

german e boat s130