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The GenZe app works through Bluetooth connection on the 200 series e-Bikes only.

The app can be used to understand range and battery life, plan routes, track ride history, and measure exertion.

The 200 series e-Bikes also come with a phone mount and integrated USB charger to keep you charged and connected while you ride.

GenZe e-bikes and e -Scooter product support and warranty services will continue to be honored, as part of terms of our consumer warranties.

Further details will be shared separately with the relevant customers, do stay tuned.

Removable/Lockable Battery.

The Genze App.

The GenZe app allows you to plan routes, run diagnostics, estimate range, and manage security, all from your Smartphone.

Connect with your GenZe e -Scooter and 200 series e -Bike on the go, and optimize your ride.

GenZe #s commercial and consumer e-bikes and e -scooters.

GenZe had been known for both its electric bicycles and its electric scooters.

The vehicles were popular with ride-sharing companies.

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GenZe 100 Series eBike.

GenZe 200 Series eBike.

GenZe eBikes.

The folks at GenZe believe that the power to decide your own transportation story is in your hands.

No matter your need, there is a GenZe product that is a perfect fit.

Just look at what you need in your life and make the choice for yourself.

Electric Bike Genze.

E-bikes use rechargeable batteries and the lighter ones can journey as much as 25 to 32 km/h (16 to 20 mph), relying on native legal guidelines, whereas the extra high-powered varieties can usually do greater than 45 km/h (28 mph).

In some markets, akin to Germany as of 2013, they#re gaining in reputation and taking some.

03/03/2020 GenZe electric bicycles are among the best electric bike brands on the market.

They are affordable, lightweight, and come with plenty of extra features that genze e bikes