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1 GARP M – The Approved Guide 5.


1 GARP M – The Approved Guide 5.

16 Determining Level of Impairment and Lifestyle Effects – GARP M provides detailed instructions and tables for the assessment of the degree of medical impairment suffered by the claimant as a result of the accepted condition(s).

In the extreme left hand side column of Table 23.

1 , headed #Impairment#, find the value of the impairment rating already obtained.

The line on which this value is written is #The Row# for purposes of Step 3.

Under the heading #Lifestyle Ratings# in Table 23.

1 , there is a row of numbers from 0 to 7.

Find the number which equals the.

23/07/2013 There are two Other Impairment tables for loss of endocrine function.

Table 12.


1 is to be applied if assessing diabetes mellitus, while Table 12.


2 is be applied if assessing any other endocrine condition.

Both tables provide an impairment rating based on #, 23/07/2013 However the MRCA requires the Commission to specify two particular tables that are not used in GARP V or the VEA.

These are tables that arise from the method specified by the Commission to determine compensation payable for warlike and non-warlike as distinct from peacetime service (see Tables 1 and 2 of Chapter 23).

14/01/2020 What is GARP ?

GARP refers to one of two different instruments: GARP V or GARP M.

GARP V is the fifth edition of the Guide to the Assessment of Rates of Veterans# Pensions used to assess disability pension under the VEA.

GARP M , or the Guide to Determining Impairment and Compensation, is a specially adapted edition of GARP V that is used to assess compensation claims #, #shaded area# of Table 23.

1 in Chapter 23 (Conversion To Degree Of Incapacity).

Option 3 is to be used if the veteran completes a Lifestyle Questionnaire.

The determining authority is to use the information in the completed Lifestyle Questionnaire, together with all #, Chapters 1 to 16 of the Guide contain two principal types of tables.

Physical loss is to be rated against criteria in “Other Impairment” tables.

Functional loss is to be rated against criteria in “Functional Loss” tables.

Greater emphasis has been given throughout this Guide to functional loss as a basis.


The Tables are designed to assess the loss of functional capacity that affects a person#s ability to work rather than simply loss or abnormality of psychological, physiological or anatomical structure or.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs GARP , American Medical Association#s Guides#).

Such, One of the criteria for payment of interim PI is that the impairment suffered by the person must constitute a minimum number of IPs.

The number required varies according to the circumstances of each case and is the same threshold as is required under section 69 as explained at Chapter 5.



Where additional compensation is being considered, and the outcome continues to be interim, the.

GARP M Table 23.

1 to be applied to those activities; b.

recommend the Government require DVA to demonstrate its ability to meet the legislated needs of future eligible veterans and families; c.

recommend that the Central agencies require DVA to use impact assessment research as its performance assessment process; d.

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